BodEvolve Offers Texarkana, TX Residents Bariatric Surgery

Texarkana, TX residents have come to know and trust the weight loss surgery methods and techniques of BodEvolve Bariatric & Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Clayton Frenzel leads his team to help men and women achieve their weight loss goals by offering bariatric surgery options. He also provides cosmetic procedures after you have reached your weight loss goals.

Our main prerogative at BodEvolve Bariatric & Cosmetic Surgery in Texarkana, TX is to build a relationship with our patients to help you feel comfortable while in our care. Dr. Frenzel and his team are always available should you have any questions or concerns. Nine of the employees at our facility have gone through weight loss and bariatric surgery themselves. They can relate and have more than likely asked the same questions you were thinking about before and after going through with the procedure.

Different Weight Loss Procedures for Different Results

There are many different weight loss surgery options in the industry, and the staff, along with Dr. Frenzel, are here to help find the best choice for your body and your goals. Dr. Frenzel understands that each body is different and there is not one weight loss procedure that can help everyone. He has become an expert in the field, performed hundreds of procedures, and conducts all of the bariatric options at the Texarkana, TX location. Below is an overview of the different surgery options we offer at BodEvolve Bariatric & Cosmetic Surgery:

Lap Band: The Laparoscopic or Lap Band is surgically placed on the stomach to help suppress hunger and limit the physical amount of food one can have, helping with weight loss. This silicone device does not interfere with normal digestion functions, and we can remove it once your goals are met or decide to try another weight loss method. We customize the size of the band to assist with your personal weight loss goals. This minimally invasive bariatric surgery option has been performed for over 20 years in the industry with fantastic and gradual weight loss victories.

Realize Band: Very similar to the Lap Band, this option offers a broader range of adjustments for gradual weight loss results. Using a minimally invasive bariatric surgical procedure to place the Realize Band on the upper portion of the stomach to limit the amount of food you can consume. Dr. Frenzel generally performs the first adjustment after four weeks with other adjustments scheduled after your consultation. This type of bariatric surgery is perfectly designed to help you lose weight at a personalized pace.

Gastric Bypass: Over 50% of the bariatric surgeries performed in the U.S. are gastric bypasses. This surgery has been the go-to procedure when attempting to lose weight. Dr. Frenzel conducts gastric bypass surgery in the least invasive way possible by using a laparoscope to shrink your stomach and bypass a small portion of your intestines, helping you to absorb less food. Some cases will require more invasive techniques, but over 95% of his surgeries have been able to be performed laparoscopically. Once we complete this bariatric procedure, you will have a personalized care plan developed by Dr. Frenzel and his staff. They will help explain the changes that need to occur post-surgery. Outside of weight loss, you will be able to benefit by significantly reducing your chances for cancer, heart attack, stroke, and diabetes.

Gastric Sleeve: The sleeve gastrectomy or Gastric Sleeve is a relatively newer bariatric surgery option that has been gaining popularity throughout Texarkana, TX by residents looking for dramatic weight loss results. While it is generally a one-time procedure, Dr. Frenzel can use it as the first step before ultimately performing gastric bypass for morbidly obese patients. BodEvolve Bariatric & Cosmetic Surgery uses a stapling device to mold your stomach into a sleeve or banana shape and then removes the other portion to retain that shape. This will reduce your stomach to hold about 50ml instead of the 1000-1500ml a normal stomach can hold. Be prepared to stay the night at our facility, but you should be able to go home the next day.

Post-Bariatric Body Lift: These procedures help those who have met their weight loss goals but are now suffering from excess and loose skin around the body. We offer many different lifts on various parts of the body to help regain your sense of confidence and tight skin. Even if you have lost weight more traditionally, these options are great for getting rid of skin in those hard to work zones of the body. Dr. Frenzel is one of the only doctors in the United States that can assist you in your weight loss journey from beginning to end. He will help discover the best course of action after you have received bariatric surgery at BodEvolve Bariatric & Cosmetic Surgery. We offer arm, body, breast, thigh lifts, and abdominoplasty surgery to help you look and feel your best after dramatic weight loss.

Revisions to Bariatric Surgery Procedures in Texarkana, TX

Sometimes it is necessary to revise a bariatric surgery procedure. Depending on the nature of your initial surgery, the medical practitioners at BodEvolve Bariatric & Cosmetic Surgery have several options to correct any issues our patients are experiencing. They include:

Sleeve Conversion: If you had a Gastric Sleeve procedure done at some point, and you’ve gained weight, we might recommend a sleeve conversion procedure. Sleeve conversion surgeries take about two hours and result in a brief stay in the hospital. Please note; you will have to take daily nutritional supplements for the rest of your life and visit us for vitamin B12 injections every three months.

Lap band removal: We perform these due to a variety of factors, including insufficient weight loss and slipped or eroded lap bands. While heartburn and intolerance indicate a wide array of conditions – including minor ones – they are common indicators that something is amiss with your lap band. We recommend you give us a call if you’re experiencing those symptoms.

Band-to-bypass conversion: If you had lap band surgery performed at some point in the past, and you’re having trouble losing weight; or you’re experiencing acid reflux, nausea, or vomiting, you need to give us a call. Keep in mind, respiratory issues can also necessitate a band-to-bypass conversion. As with sleeve conversion surgery, you’ll need to stay in the hospital for a few days after the surgery.

Gastric bypass revision: Gastric bypass surgery is highly effective, resulting in an average of 60 to 80 percent loss of excess weight. However, in some cases, the surgery doesn’t have the desired effects. If you are not losing enough weight, you’re gaining weight back, or you are suffering from medical complications, then gastric bypass revision is an option, as it is highly effective as a corrective measure.

Contact BodEvolve Today About Bariatric Surgery and More

Dr. Frenzel and his staff at BodEvolve Bariatric & Cosmetic Surgery in Texarkana, TX can even assist with revisional surgery options if you went to another facility for your bariatric or weight loss surgery. Call us or come to our office to receive more information and set up a meeting with our weight loss specialists and Dr. Frenzel. We will have you looking and feeling your best.

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