The threat of obesity-related complications affects over 30 percent of Americans. Bariatric surgery provides life-saving solutions to eligible patients. Dr. Frenzel’s expertise in minimally invasive bariatric surgery techniques has provided hundreds of patients with significant weight-loss results, as well as an improved quality of life. Each patient deserves individualized care, that’s why Dr. Frenzel offers the best bariatric solution for your health and weight-loss goals.

Once bariatric surgery is complete, a post bariatric body contouring procedure is available to complete your transformation. For patients seeking revisional surgery, Dr. Frenzel is a referral source for many complicated cases.

Dr. Clayton A. Frenzel

Dr. Clayton Frenzel is a passionate surgeon who is both a Fellowship Trained Bariatric Surgeon, as well as a Fellowship Trained Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon. Specializing in bariatric surgery, post-bariatric reconstructive cosmetic plastic surgery, and elective cosmetic surgery, Dr. Frenzel delivers expertise and individualized care with each approach. As the only surgeon in the DFW area that is dual fellowship trained, Dr. Frenzel has the ability to guide the patient through the complete bariatric process–including the available post-bariatric face and body contouring cosmetic surgery procedure.

Highly regarded as caring, attentive, and knowledgeable from satisfied patients, Dr. Frenzel strives to reach the weight-loss goals of the patient while providing life-saving results with each procedure. He believes there is not one operation that is right for every patient and that each patient must receive an individualized solution according to their weight loss needs.

Bariatric Procedures Offered By Dr. Fenzel

Lap Band/Realize Band

The adjustable gastric band is an inflatable device that gets placed on the upper part of your stomach to suppress hunger and food intake.

Gastric Sleeve

The sleeve gastrectomy is a very effective operation that works by restricting the amount of food you can eat. In addition, it decreases the level of circulating hunger hormones causing a significantly reduced appetite.

Gastric Bypass

The gastric bypass restricts food intake, promotes food malabsorption, and causes a decreased appetite. The procedure significantly reduces the size of the stomach, causing the patient to feel full with only a small amount of food. The patient will not only eat significantly less but will also absorb less food, leading to significant weight loss.

Bypass Revisions

This is an option for some gastric bypass patients who may have regained weight.

Band to Sleeve Conversion

The gastric band and port are removed and the gastric sleeve operation is performed. This is an option for band patients who struggle with chronic acid reflux, nausea or vomiting, or difficulty tolerating foods or failure to lose weight.

Bariatric surgery can be a life-saving solution for obese patients. Significantly improve your quality of life and finally lose the weight you desire by allowing Dr. Frenzel to administer the right bariatric treatment for you.