Excited Man Clenching Fist While Using Weight Scale

Finding Your Health Through Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric Surgery is a life-changing experience. From the outward changes to the inward empowerment, you’ll notice improvements within yourself that you never imagined. One thing we tell our patients during an initial consultation is that bariatric weight loss surgery isn’t just a quick fix for losing weight. It’s a catapult toward a healthier lifestyle.

As you go through the recovery process after surgery, you’ll notice the physical differences almost immediately. From shedding pounds to correcting obesity-related illnesses, the physical aspect of bariatric surgery is an outward change. But, most patients don’t go into bariatric surgery with the expectation of making inward changes.

After you go through weight loss surgery, your lifestyle changes. All of the sudden, your diet must change. You are not allowed to indulge in greasy foods, decadent desserts, or comfort foods. In fact, during the first stages of recovery, you are restricted to a liquid diet. And it makes sense. Think about the science behind bariatric weight loss surgery-you are taking away a portion of your stomach, which means the calories you take in need to be filled with nutritional value. Each drink and each bite needs to count toward your health.

The physical side is easy to understand. But it’s crucial that you understand how you will change on the inside. Knowing yourself, being honest with yourself, and coming to terms with yourself are all vital to your success after bariatric surgery. If you are an emotional eater, it’s imperative that you understand that, because after surgery you can’t eat comfort food to settle your emotions.

Bariatric surgery is therapeutic in a sense. You get this new chance at life. You lose weight, you are able to walk, jog, and run—become active. And with the physical health improvements, you begin to find new ways of coping with life’s hardships.

During your consultation with Dr. Frenzel, you’ll discuss the importance of having a solid support system. Going through the recovery stages after bariatric weight loss surgery requires you to turn to something other than food. And as you go through this exhilarating process, your support system will be incredibly valuable.

Several of our patients have reported back to us that the emotional and inward aspect of bariatric surgery was unexpected but incredibly freeing. Not being tied down to your food in an emotional sense is so rewarding. So while it’s difficult at first, you’ll find that as the pounds drop and you begin to find new interests, you’ll love the freedom you have. Stay the course, consult with our staff, who have firsthand experience with weight loss surgery, lean on your support system, and enjoy exploring the new you.