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Benefits of Bariatric Surgery

Medical Benefits of Bariatric Surgery

The benefits of bariatric surgery stretch far beyond cosmetic appearances. The life saving procedures offered by BodEvolve Bariatric & Cosmetic Surgery have provided countless patients with a new lease on life, both physically and mentally. Dr. Frenzel’s expertise in weight loss surgery is an integral solution behind countless success stories and satisfied patients. Take a look at the areas where bariatric surgery can improve or help save your life. As patients undergo changes to their body as a result of a bariatric procedure, they will lose weight and gain a new lease on life. Patients will begin to develop on overall healthier and more active lifestyle as they experience these changes. It is even common for a patient’s life expectancy to improve from reducing the risk of chronic illnesses related to obesity.

Bariatric surgery is a weight loss surgery that provides multiple benefits to those looking to lose a large amount of weight. Besides the benefit of cosmetic appearance, undergoing this surgery provides patients with a new chance at life. BodEvolve Bariatric & Cosmetic Surgery is able and eager to give patients a fresh start, physically and mentally. Highly experienced, Dr. Frenzel has performed weight loss surgeries to patients looking for health and happiness. Because of his expertise, Dr. Frenzel is a crucial component behind countless success stories and satisfied patients.

Weight Loss Surgery reduces the risk of:

  • Coronary Artery Disease
  • Heart Attack and Stroke


Weight Loss Surgery can also improve and/or completely resolve many major medical problems including:

  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Sleep Apnea
  • High Cholesterol
  • Arthritis
  • Chronic Pain
  • Decreased risk of Cancer


Psychological Benefits of Bariatric Surgery

  • Improved Quality of Life
  • You Feel Better
  • Improved Relationships with Family, Friends and Significant Others
  • Improvement or Resolution of Depression/Anxiety
  • Decreased avoidance of or anxiety in social situations


See if your Insurance covers Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery:

  • We offer Free Insurance Verification
  • Free Consultation for “Out of Pocket” Cash patients.


If weight loss surgery is the solution for you, find out if your insurance covers your procedure. If you’re unsure of your coverage, contact BodEvolve Bariatric & Cosmetic Surgery for free insurance verification. “Out of pocket” cash patients are eligible for a free consultation. The effects of bariatric surgery also provide various psychological benefits to a patient’s life. With a drastically improved appearance and quality of life comes confidence and a more active lifestyle. This can lead to other positive changes in the facets of one’s lifestyle as well as allow the benefits of bariatric surgery to be experienced for the rest of a patient’s life.

Undergoing bariatric surgery has astounding results on patients. Changes to their body shape and size, a new lease on life, and the ability to have a more active lifestyle, these are all benefits to of bariatric surgery. An important benefit to each patient of bariatric surgery is not just the weight loss it causes, but the effect of the weight loss. After weight loss begins, patients develop a healthier and more active lifestyle. Say goodbye to chronic illnesses due to obesity, and say hello to a fresh start. Obesity does not have to run your life. With the benefits of bariatric surgery, your life begins the day you go in to surgery. With obesity, comes various illnesses and diseases. Weight loss surgery reduces the risk of coronary artery disease, a heart attack ,and a stroke.

Weight loss literally adds years to your life. Schedule your one on one personal consultation with Dr. Frenzel to discover how your health and happiness can drastically improve. Your personal transformation begins when you call our office at 1-888-Real-Weight-Loss (888-732-5934) or (817-342-0232).


Mary made that first step and it changed her life forever! What are you waiting for?

Post-Bariatric Surgery Patient

In addition to reducing the risk of disease, you can improve major medical problems by undergoing bariatric surgery. Weight loss not only improves your appearance, but your health. Now that’s an offer you can’t resist. A new life, a new lifestyle, bariatric surgery has everything to offer. Improve or completely resolve medical problems including, diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, high cholesterol, arthritis, and chronic pain. With the additional benefit of decreasing your risk of cancer, bariatric surgery is the way to go.

With a fresh start, you can experience the joy and self-confidence of living a healthy lifestyle. Besides all of the physiological benefits, there are physiological benefits of bariatric surgery. Improve the quality of your life, feel better about yourself, watch as you see relationships improve—with family, friends, and significant others. Improve and resolve any depression and anxiety. Decrease your avoidance of social situations. Don’t be anxious about social situation. With bariatric surgery, you will see every one of these psychological aspects of life improve.

Bariatric surgery is a benefit to your psychological and physiological well being. Have confidence that after you’ve undergone your bariatric surgery, you will see results, in your appearance, in your emotions, and in your attitude toward life.


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