Texarkana Lap Band Problems – Corrective Procedure

If you are a Texarkana resident, Advanced Bariatric Surgery is available for your weight loss needs. From initial bariatric surgery to revisions, Dr. Frenzel and his staff understand how crucial weight loss is. Obesity is a serious health problem many Americans are facing. With over 30 percent of Americans in the obese statistic, bariatric surgery can be incredibly effective in general health and wellness.

When you’ve undergone surgery and experienced problems with your existing lap band, there’s a solution available to you. Texarkana residents can now go to Advanced Bariatric Surgery for corrective procedures. From lap band fills and band to sleeve conversions to band revisions, your weight loss needs are taken seriously. Find the help you need today and receive the happiness you’ve been wanting.

Once the Lap-Band procedure is complete, adjustment fills may be necessary. If you are a Texarkana resident and you’re in need of band fills, allow Dr. Frenzel to help you. Bands can be tightened or loosened so that you can better control your weight loss. Customized for you to lose weight at a healthy pace, the band fill process is crucial to achieving your desired weight loss. By injecting sterile saline into a port that is attached to the lap band inside of the stomach, the lap band fills and becomes tighter in an effort to decrease your appetite at a gradual rate. If you have had the Lap-Band procedure and are in need of band fills, Dr. Frenzel is an expert in his field.

In fact, Dr. Frenzel is highly trained in minimally invasive bariatric surgery techniques. With a passion for seeing patients lose weight effectively, you’ll be greeted and treated with respect and gratitude. Thankful that you’ve chosen to improve your general health, you can experience quality services and join a loving family.

Band to sleeve conversions and band to bypass conversions are also available for Texarkana residents. If you are a Gastric Band patient and you’ve struggled with failure to lose weight after surgery, chronic nausea or vomiting with solids or liquids, chronic pain around the port site, or heart palpitations or anxiety related to the gastric band, Dr. Frenzel is ready to meet your needs. The conversions available ensure that you feel confident and secure in your weight loss decision.

Upon these revisions, you should experience steady weight loss and improved general health. If you are 50 pounds or more over your ideal weight, if you have a body mass index of 40 or greater, and if you understand the lifestyle and dietary changes requires after weight loss surgery, get to Advanced Bariatric Surgery in Texarkana. After surgery, the old stomach, for bypass patients, functions by making digestive juices used for processing food in the small intestines. And don’t worry; you will be able to eat regular food following the transitional period after surgery. Adjustments, however, will be necessary, including portion control. When you experience weight loss surgery, you gain the confidence you need to succeed.

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