McKinney Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast AugmentationIf you live in McKinney and you are ready for a breast augmentation, Advanced Cosmetic Surgery is the perfect place for you. In an effort to give you the best breast enhancement, Dr. Frenzel will meet with you for an in-depth, thorough initial consultation. During this process, feel free to voice any concern you have about breast augmentation, as well as look through some before and after pictures and discuss your desired outcome. Ask as many questions as you would like during your consultation. Explore the various methods of breast implant insertion, learn about the various types of breast implants available, and learn about the risks and complications with a breast augmentation.

McKinney residents are experiencing a new confidence. Benefits of breast augmentation include improved self-image and more self-confidence, as well as a more flattering physique in and out of clothing. If you live in McKinney and you want to enhance your self-image, get to Advanced Cosmetic Surgery today. Have you noticed subtle changes in your breasts due to aging and gravity? If so, allow Dr. Frenzel to provide you with a breast enhancement to bring your body back to its youthful state. Other reasons for breast implants include correcting a disproportionate figure, where the breasts are too small for the rest of the body, and correcting an inherited deformity, where one breast does not develop like the other.

If you live in McKinney and you have experienced one of these descriptions, get to Advanced Cosmetic Surgery and schedule your breast augmentation consultation. With a new body and a new confidence, you’ll walk around McKinney with a whole new outlook on life. Enjoy your new body and your new self-image. With the right size and shape, the perfect placement, and the right incision location for your body, you’ll love your breast implants.