Mansfield Mommy Makeover – Tummy Tuck – Breast Enhancement

Moms with Kids in StrollersIf you are a mom in the Mansfield area, there’s good news waiting just for you. Dr. Frenzel, at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery, is now performing the mommy makeover. All Mansfield moms are invited to consult with Dr. Frenzel and discuss the various procedures included in the mommy makeover. From the tummy tuck to liposuction and a breast augmentation, the mommy makeover is designed to help all moms find confidence in their post-pregnancy bodies. With the beautiful experience of bringing life into the world, you sacrifice your body for your baby. Once your child is born you continue to sacrifice by breast feeding. By the time your body is yours again, it has been sculpted to a different shape. Allow Dr. Frenzel to perform the mommy makeover, giving all of you Mansfield mommies the bodies you once had.

The mommy makeover consists of three parts. The tummy tuck is the most popular of the three. Eliminating excessive amounts of fat and skin from your midsection, the tummy tuck can repair abdominal muscles that have separated or weakened due to the significant fluctuation in weight during pregnancy.

If you are ready for confidence and the desired title, “hot mom,” get to Dr. Frenzel and set up your consultation to discuss the mommy makeover. After the tummy tuck is complete, liposuction will remove fat deposits in localized areas of the body. Then, you will receive a breast augmentation, to restore the volume and size of your breasts. The mommy makeover is filled with procedures to restore your body to its pre-pregnancy state. If you are in Mansfield and are interested in the mommy makeover procedure, including the tummy tuck, liposuction, and a breast augmentation, contact Dr. Frenzel at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery today. Mansfield is being restored as the mommy makeover is taking over.