BodEvolve Specializes in Bariatric Surgery in Arlington, TX

Under the leadership of Dr. Clayton Frenzel, BodEvolve Bariatric & Cosmetic Surgery in Arlington, TX specializes in weight loss surgery and post-bariatric cosmetic plastic surgery. Dr. Frenzel is the only bariatric surgeon near Dallas who is dual-fellowship trained. Along with his staff, Dr. Frenzel will devise an individualized plan to help you reach your weight loss goals. At our Arlington office, we will assist you throughout the transformation process. Our post-bariatric surgery options include cosmetic plastic surgery to contour your body. We want to ensure that you are comfortable with your weight loss journey. Our staff includes nine employees who have undergone weight loss surgery themselves. They are happy to offer advice, ease concerns, and share their success stories during your transformation.

Choosing the Bariatric Surgery That Is Right for You

Dr. Frenzel has performed hundreds of bariatric procedures at BodEvolve, and therefore understands that not every weight loss surgery is ideal for you. As a result, our Arlington office offers numerous options to help you achieve your health-related goals. Our friendly staff, many of whom have been in your shoes, will help determine the ideal course of action to fit your weight loss needs. Among the options we offer at BodEvolve Bariatric & Cosmetic Surgery are:

Gastric Bypass – The most common form of weight loss surgery, gastric bypass divides the stomach into a small pouch, significantly reducing its size and allowing the patient to feel satisfied after consuming a limited amount of food. This procedure, which Dr. Frenzel performs laparoscopically 95% of the time, serves to resolve severe or uncontrolled hypertension and diabetes.

Gastric Sleeve – In this weight loss procedure, Dr. Frenzel uses a stapling device to create a thin, vertical sleeve of stomach, thus removing up to 80% of its volume. This modification will limit the amount of food one can consume and allow for healthy digestion and absorption.

Lap Band – Laparoscopic bariatric surgery uses an adjustable gastric band to help you improve your quality of life while gradually losing weight. An inflatable silicone band is placed around the upper portion of a patient’s stomach to suppress hunger, without the need for cutting or stapling the organ.

Realize Band – The Realize band is also placed around the upper portion of a patient’s stomach. However, it offers a wider range of adjustment, which minimizes stretching. The Realize band can be adjusted by delivering saline through a low-profile port on the patient’s side.

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Dr. Frenzel and his staff are eager to help you before, during, and after your weight loss surgery. With varying options for bariatric surgery as well as reconstructive cosmetic surgery as you shed weight, we are excited to help you become healthier, happier, and more confident. Contact BodEvolve Bariatric & Cosmetic Surgery in Arlington, TX to schedule a consultation and begin your transformation today!

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