Alyx - Surgical Scheduler Coordinator

Alyx is the Surgery scheduling coordinator.  After you have completed the pre surgery process, or received your insurance approval,  she will be working with the hospitals to get you on the schedule for your big day.



Bianca - Patient Coordinator

Bianca is the Patient Coordinator for BodEvolve in Arlington. She meets with BodEvolve patients on their initial consultation with Dr Frenzel and she will be one of your main contacts while you are getting ready for your surgery or procedure.



Brandy - Bariatric Supervisor

Brandy is the Bariatric Supervisor.  With her experience with the insurance companies and their requirements, she works with the rest of the Coordinators to make sure that each case is worked through the process with precision.  When questions arise about benefits, Brandy is the go-to-girl who will find the answer.



Brittanie - Insurance Verification Specialist

Brittanie is the insurance verification specialist.



Evelyn - Coordinator

Evelyn – Coordinator – Works with our new patients to get them through insurance approval and on to surgery.


Jackie G.

Jackie G. - Surgery Scheduling Team

Jackie G is part of the surgery scheduling team.  You will be getting a call from her to get scheduled for your EGD, quickly after your initial consultation.  Not only does she make sure you are well informed on this vital procedure, but also insures that your questions are answered about hospital locations and check in procedures.



Javier - Practice Administrator

Javier is the Practice Administrator.  When he’s not working on the financials at his desk, you can find him making sure Dr. Frenzel and the staff have everything they need to keep up the busy pace.



JT - Medical Assistant

JT is a medical assistant.



Jennifer - Insurance Specialist

Jennifer is an insurance specialist.


Jennifer Williams

Jennifer Williams - RD, LD is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian

Jennifer Williams – RD, LD is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian




Kim - Front Desk Receptionist

Kim is the front desk receptionist.



Kyle - Exercise Physiologist

Kyle – Exercise Physiologist – You will meet with Kyle for your cardiopulmonary clearance in the office before your surgery.



Mary - Office Manager

Mary is the office manager and oversees the surgery scheduling team.  She is also one of the main office cheerleaders and works hard to keep the staff and patients motivated through their journey.



Michelle - Billing Manager

Michelle is the Billing Manager.  She collects payments before surgery and makes sure that patients understand their benefits if questions arise about out of pocket expenses before or after surgery.


Dr. Moossavi

Dr. Moossavi - Hospitalist - Post surgery consolation

Dr. Moossavi – Hospitalist – Post surgery consolation



Sandya - Accounting Specialist

Sandya is an accounting specialist.



Tam - Physician Assistant

Tam is a physician assistant.