Processed Foods and Making Healthy Eating Choices

Eating healthy can be an extremely difficult task with the many new ingredients and groceries at the store.  With claims of low fat and vitamin fortification, it’s easy to fall prey to the marketing schemes of food suppliers.  However, these processed foods are often very deceiving.  When you think you are eating healthy you could be hurting your body more than you know.  Here are some reasons to be aware of processed foods.

Processed foods are often quick and easy to heat up or grab and go.  These foods often make claims of zero trans fat or infused with omega-3s.   But in actuality, these foods often play a huge role in making Americans unhealthy.

From diabetes to coronary heart disease, many Americans with life threatening illnesses are suffering because of the industrialization of food.  This requires a drastic change in diet.

Don’t settle for quick and easy when it comes to what you put in your body or your family’s body.  Be aware of the calories, ingredients, and nutritious value you intake.  Make smart eating choices and enjoy a long and productive life.

It’s no secret that the food industry is thriving due to extended shelf life products, processed foods, and chemical preservatives.  When fresh food are served, the lifespan is drastically shortened.  And because we enjoy a meal that can be heated in the oven on 400 degrees for a mere 10 minutes, we buy into the industrialization of foods.

While you aren’t to blame for this trend, you are responsible for your groceries.  Make it a point to find healthier eating choices—when dining in and dining out.  That’s right; you don’t have to forgo restaurants to be healthy.  In fact, this is a huge misconception.  Most people think, “if I just eat at home, I’ll lose weight.”  Unfortunately, the vast majority of grocery stores have an abundance of unhealthy foods, many of which are processed.

Processed foods often contain too many seasonings and empty calories.  Eating is vital to survival and should never be taken lightly.  Eat! Eat healthy.  And eat with an awareness of what you are ingesting.

If you are a carb-lover, you probably can’t get enough of white bread.  It’s so fluffy and tasty that just one bite is never enough.  But did you know that white bread, along with many other foods containing white flour, are filled with empty calories.  Whole-wheat and whole-grain alternatives are far better for you.  In fact, whole-grains are an integral part of a nutritional diet.

Research the foods, restaurants, and fast-food joints you love the most.  If you are consuming empty calories on a daily basis, you are harming yourself.  Cut out processed foods and you will see health benefits.  From the weight loss to increased energy levels, there’s nothing quite as refreshing as eating healthy and enjoying a new perspective on food.

Finally, always read the ingredients.  Know what you are eating and eat only what is good for your body.