Ways to Avoid Eating Junk Food

In today’s society, it isn’t difficult to grab a quick and unhealthy snack.  It seems as if every vending machine, every restaurant, and every grocery store aisle is a temptation to our health.  If you struggle with an addiction to junk food, follow these simple steps to recovery.

Obesity is a true epidemic in America today.  Foods are becoming more processed and filled with unhealthy preservatives and ingredients.  And facing the consequences are Americans who indulge in these fast, easy, and, let’s face it, tasty meals.

To regain control over your eating habits, you have to find motivation, exercise self-discipline, and put your cravings aside.  It’s been said that you crave what you consume.  Though it seems difficult at first, if you consume healthy foods, over time, you will crave healthy foods and junk food will be a temptation of the past.

There are several ways to avoid eating junk food.

First, you have to be committed.  If you are half-hearted in your desire for a healthy lifestyle, you are much less likely to succeed.  Find motivation—whether it’s by budgetary restrictions, an accountability partner, or starting a food journal.

You need a solid reason to change your eating habits.  Maybe your healthcare provider has warned you of high cholesterol levels, obesity, or diabetes.  Or perhaps you just want to improve your diet for muscle toning reasons.  Whatever your personal reason, make sure to write it down and post it somewhere you will look every day.  A constant reminder will be influential in your change.

Next, research healthy foods and determine what alternatives you can indulge in.  If you are giving up a bag of chips each afternoon, you need a healthy alternative to replace the junk food.  Make a plan and stick to it.  What healthy foods do you enjoy?  Think about the food pyramid and balance your nutrition with fruits, vegetables, whole-grains, protein, and dairy.

Be realistic in your fitness goals.  If you will be tempted by keeping chips in the house, get rid of them—even if the kids love them.  Make eating healthier a family ordeal.  Instead of chips opt for a whole grain cracker and cheese or peanut butter and celery.  There are endless combinations and snacks out there that are nutritious.

When you determine to avoid junk food, there is a huge burden of meal planning.  No longer can you stop by the fast-food restaurant on your way home.  Now, you need to cook or plan where you can go to get healthy foods.  Be aware of this and consider weekly meal planning.  This is effective in preparing your mind and taste buds for what they will be eating each day.

Along with your new avoidance of junk food, implement activity in your daily routine.  Walking during lunch, swimming with the kids, playing sports as a family—all of these are examples of fun and effective fitness programs.

When you make the decision to eat healthier, stay committed, even when you want to give up.  Remind yourself of the scientific facts of consuming useless calories.  In the end, you’ll be happy you made the change.