The Perfect Turkey Dinner for Christmas

If your Christmas meal consisted solely of turkey and vegetables, the holidays would be well known for health and wellness. Unfortunately, along with Christmas turkey comes the additional sides and desserts that cause your daily caloric intake to skyrocket.

If you don’t want to sacrifice delectable taste for low calories, there are plenty of alternatives you can safely indulge in without feeling any guilt.  Turkey is the staple item for Christmas.  And while there are other alternatives such as lamb or roasted prime rib, leaving behind long standing traditions might just not be an option for you and your family.  When this is the case, don’t hesitate to buy your turkey and begin preparations.

However, before you lather your turkey in oil and butter, check out healthy turkey recipes.  You might just find that these alternatives are just as delicious and half the calories.

Turkey is a great meat to et.  It is filled with necessary protein, which is not only great for your body, but also makes you feel full faster.  It also contains many more nutrients.  With all of the nutritional value turkey supplies, nothing quite compares to its low fat and low calories.  Other meats have health benefits but with a high fat content, but turkey is a great choice for a low fat meal, especially when eating the breast.

When it’s time to start cooking, there are several tricks that will help keep your main entrée flavorful and healthy.  First, avoid an abundance of butter, margarine, lard, and oil.  If you need something to cover your turkey in, opt for a light spread of oil using a pastry brush.  Think about it in terms of calories.  One tablespoon of oil equals 100 calories and 11 grams of fat.

Counting the calories of each ingredient that goes into cooking the big turkey entrée will help you preserve.  Use your calories wisely on this entrée and you can enjoy side dishes and desserts.

Once your meat is prepared and it’s time to make your plate, be cautious of proportions food choices.  While you might be willing to forgo the beloved mashed potatoes, other family members might indulge.  To help you resist, fill your plate with plenty of vegetables.  This leaves no room for butter infused side dishes that have little health benefits.

Try to create an array of colors on your plate.  Carrots, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, red cabbage, and swede are all great options for the Christmas season.  And, they are filled with vitamins and minerals you need.  To give you even more health benefits, steam your veggies.

It can be tempting to smother your vegetables in butter, oil, and dips.  But, think about the calories each contains.  For one teaspoon of butter, your vegetables will gain an additional 35 calories.

Finally, it’s time to dig in.  Before eating the turkey you have slaved over all day, make sure your remove the skin.  I know, it’s so full of flavor, but for a measly 15 grams of skin, you are adding 70 calories to your meal.