Placing Apple in Blender

Eating Right to Maintain Your New Stomach

Before weight loss surgery, Dr. Frenzel has a thorough consultation with patients to discuss the process, risks, and benefits. It’s important for patients to understand that bariatric weight loss surgery isn’t a quick fix to obesity—a quick fix simply doesn’t exist. But, weight loss surgery gives patients a jump start to a new, healthy lifestyle.

When patients choose bariatric surgery, it’s not taking the easy way out. Quite the opposite, bariatric weight loss patients are passionate, motivated, and courageous. They are willing to put forth effort into their weight loss journey and new lifestyle. And it truly does require a new lifestyle.

Immediately following the procedure, bariatric patients are required to follow a very strict diet. As recovery continues, new foods are slowly incorporated back into their diet, but, it’s also important to remember portion control.

The fight against food for all people is to not allow your eyes to make your decisions. For example, you eat a healthy dinner then turn on your favorite show and start watching, but the commercials come on and persuade you to go back into the kitchen for dessert, even though you’re not hungry. In those moments of temptation, it’s incredibly important to fight those feelings. What looks good and what sounds tasty isn’t always what you should consume.

Find your inner strength and stand strong against the influences around you. After bariatric surgery, your eating habits will change to help you achieve the best results. In addition to the foods you eat, you can also take Bariatric Advantage Nutritional Supplements. These supplements meet the demands of post-operative bariatric surgical patients, helping you get all the nutrition your body needs.

For any questions on the dietary changes after bariatric surgery, contact Dr. Frenzel today.