Close up on the panties and hips of a woman

Post-Bariatric Body Lift Procedure

Bariatric surgery comes in many different forms.  Whether you have undergone Lap Band surgery, Obalon balloon, gastric bypass, or the gastric sleeve procedure, you’ve made an important and life changing decision to transform your body, mind, and future.


Obesity is a serious health problem in America.  In fact, over 30 percent of our nation’s citizens are obese.  Thankfully, there are ways to change this statistic.  Bariatric weight loss surgery is a surgical procedure that helps patients achieve a significant weight reduction and reduce the risk of life-threatening diseases.


If you’ve had weight loss surgery, you know the endless rewards to this procedure.  From the physical pain of obesity to the emotional and mental toll that obesity takes on you, weight loss surgery has endless benefits.


But, one thing that Dr. Frenzel wants patients to understand fully before weight loss surgery is the changes you’ll see after bariatric surgery.  You will lose a significant amount of weight after surgery, but because of the weight loss in a short amount of time, you’ll notice extra skin that may keep you from fully feeling like yourself again.


That’s when Dr. Frenzel suggests the post-bariatric body lift procedure.  This surgery can give your body the shape it has worked so hard for.  The purpose of the body lift is to reduce skin and tissue that is typically present after significant weight loss.


Body contouring is an option for both men and women who have lost a lot of weight and have excess skin and loose tissue.  The body lift surgery is a procedure that removes and tightens sagging skin.  A lower body lift focuses on the buttocks, hips, and thighs to reshape the contour of the lower body.  This is a popular procedure for patients who have had weight loss surgery.


A body lift tones the underlying tissue that supports skin and fat.  When excess fat and skin is present, the procedure is designed to remove that fat as well as the skin and help treat the tissue elasticity.


The beauty of this procedure is that it not only transforms your silhouette, but it affects your self-confidence.  If you’re ready to feel sexy after going through bariatric surgery and reclaiming your health, this surgery will skyrocket your confidence and make you feel good again.  And that’s just as important as the physical benefits.


Dr. Frenzel is a phenomenal surgeon, who has not only completed a bariatric surgery fellowship, but also a full facial and body cosmetic surgery fellowship.  His expertise is unprecedented—his ability to walk with patients through the entire bariatric and post-bariatric surgical process is both impressive and comforting for patients.