The Truth about Protein Shakes

Protein shakes have a stigma in the workout community.  As more people attempt to lose weight, enhance athletic performance, and build muscle, protein shakes are the first suggestion for many.  But what do you really know about protein shakes?  The following highlights the definition, benefits, and general information regarding protein shakes.

Just from reading the name it is obvious that protein shakes are designed around protein.  Protein is a building block for muscle, bone, and skin in the human body.  Thus, protein shakes are consumed to build strong muscles, bone, and skin.  Go to a local health food store and ask for a protein shake and you will be surprised at the variety of protein shakes available.  With a combination of carbohydrates, protein, and fats, these shakes are not your typical sports drink.

Protein shakes are available in several flavors, powders, foil packs, and cans.  The benefit of consuming a protein shake is to nourish the body directly after a substantial workout.  Most often, protein shakes are consumed by athletes.  However, if you are healthy and fit, you can safely consume protein shake products.

The purpose of a protein shake is to provide the body with plenty of protein.  However, it is essential that people do not abuse the consumption of these drinks.  Protein shakes are a part of a well-rounded diet.  If you substitute a meal for a protein shake, you might not experience the results you were looking for.

For healthy adults, the body needs about 0.75 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight, which totals about 45 to 56 grams of protein per day.  Consuming too much protein is similar to watching your sugar or carbohydrate intake.  Use wisdom and ensure that you are receiving a balanced diet when consuming a shake.

Because the body does not require an abundance of protein, if you are sedentary or have restrictions in your caloric intake, protein shakes are unnecessary.  These drinks are designed for athletes and those who exercise frequently.  Remember, the purpose of the drink is to give back to the body what it loses during a workout.  The body needs more energy as it uses more energy.

A common myth about protein is that it will make the muscles bigger.  Drinking a protein shake after a good workout is replenishing to the body, but it does not possess a special power to increase muscle mass.

Even if you are living an active lifestyle, you do not necessarily need supplements or shakes.  Before consuming a protein shake, it is important to read the content of the shake.  Body builders, endurance athletes, etc., will all need different protein shakes.

If you want to lose body fat, your protein shake should have fewer carbohydrates, a little fat, and a lot of protein.  Protein shakes contain a variety of protein in differing amounts, including milk, egg, soy, rice, whey, and casein.

Find a protein shake that meets your needs after a good workout.  Always read labels and check with your doctor before starting a new dietary regiment.