The Best Workout Clothes and Shoes

Having supportive and appropriate workout gear can drastically improve your performance and results during a workout.  If you have ever worn the wrong tennis shoes for your run or put on a baggy shirt to do yoga, you understand that having the wrong workout clothes on for a specific exercise can cause your performance to suffer.  Here are some tips on wearing the right clothes and shoes for each workout.

Leg day, arm day, yoga day, and every day you should wear the appropriate clothes for your activity.  The way you dress when exercising really does matter.  You would never wear ballet shoes to run a mile would you?  As simple of an illustration as that sounds, it’s not uncommon to see others show up for a workout wearing the wrong the gear.  To help you get the most out of your workout, there are several tips to follow.

When picking out clothes for your workout, consider the activities you will be completing.  This helps you accomplish two things.  First, you have to stay organized in your workout routine.  This means that you will never workout your legs two days in a row by mistake.  Second, you can mentally prepare for your workout.

The location of your workout is also imperative.  If you work out in a gym, the weather will not have an effect on whether you wear shorts or pants.  However, if you exercise outdoors, you will have to put more thought into your workout clothes.

Wearing tighter clothing can be effective in working out because it doesn’t get in the way of different exercises.  For example, if you go to yoga class with a baggy t-shirt, you will quickly find that it rises up when you go into downward dog, it tangles you up when you go into complex poses, and it greatly affects your performance.

When purchasing workout shoes and clothes, make sure you get the appropriate size.  You do not want it too tight, but you also don’t want it too loose.  Find the perfect balance so that your clothes are supportive.  Investing in quality materials that absorb sweat and make you feel good.  The last distraction you need is your clothes.

A few articles of clothing that are great for working out are leggings, shorts, yoga pants, stretchy tops, cotton socks, etc.  With the right clothes, you will see a significant difference in the way you feel during your workouts.

If you are easily distracted by aching feet and uncomfortable sneakers, invest in a quality pair of shoes that provide you with plenty of support.  You don’t want your shoes to cause you discomfort.  With a good pair of shoes you can perform better and experience more comfort.