Band to Sleeve & Band to Bypass Conversion Procedure

Advanced Bariatric Surgery offers clients band-to-sleeve and band-to-bypass conversions for those struggling after their weight loss surgery.  Candidates for conversion surgery are those who have experienced failure to lose weight after a gastric band, who experience chronic pain around the port site, heart palpitations and anxiety related to the gastric band, and much more.

Dr. Frenzel has many years of training and is highly qualified and certified to perform conversion surgeries.  Though none of Dr. Frenzel’s Lap band patients have needed the conversion, he has helped many people who have experienced trouble with their band.

An important aspect of bariatric surgery that Dr. Frenzel helps patients understand is that each weight loss surgery is different.  There is not one operation that is right for everyone.  The differences between gastric bypass and gastric band differ greatly.  With the extensive experience performing the band-to-sleeve and band-to-bypass conversions, you can achieve your weight loss goals.

The gastric band is an effective surgical procedure that helps many patients lose weight.  Patients at Advanced Bariatric Surgery have experienced success with the Lap Band.  In fact, Dr. Frenzel has never had to remove a band that he put into one of his own patients.  However, he does understand that each of the bariatric surgery procedures is unique to each individual.  That’s why he invests in his patients and explores all of the bariatric surgical options before helping you reach the conclusion as to which procedure is best for you.

The percentage of patients struggling with laparoscopic gastric band is very small and is typically not the patient’s fault.  Patients will often experience physical symptoms after a band procedure needing conversion.  Symptoms include chronic nausea, occasional vomiting with solid foods, a struggle with weight loss, multiple fills and un-fills without finding the green zone, chronic pain around the port site, and more.

These symptoms are often overlooked by surgeons.  If you have suffered from any of these symptoms after a band surgery, Dr. Frenzel can help you reach your weight loss goals with the help of a band-to-sleeve bypass conversion.

Having a conversion surgery requires patients to commit to a lifestyle change.  Dr. Frenzel is a firm believer in not only addressing the real physical issues with the band and port, but also in focusing on the main reason a patient turned to bariatric surgery in the first place.

The gastric band-to-sleeve and band-to-bypass conversion are revisional operations that take place when the gastric band and port are removed and the gastric sleeve or gastric bypass operation is performed.  Because of built-up scar tissue and adhesions from the original gastric band, this surgery is difficult, requiring patients to stay in the hospital for one or two days following the surgery.  Once the band-to-sleeve conversion is complete, the recovery is slow and steady.  After leaving the hospital, it is essential for patients to remain on a liquid diet for about two weeks.  The benefits of the bypass conversion are alleviated physical symptoms, weight loss, and an overall health increase.