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Lifestyle Changes after Weight Loss Surgery

After weight loss surgery, patients begin losing weight at a very rapid pace. Whether you choose gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, lap band, or Realize band, your body has new demands. Here are some of the lifestyle changes that will help you achieve maximum success after weight loss surgery.

The most difficult change that patients report after weight loss surgery is the initial food restriction. When you go from eating incredibly processed, fatty meals all throughout the day to being on a liquid-only diet after surgery, it can be difficult to trust the process.

The initial fear of the future can be daunting for many patients. Before surgery, begin to cut back on your food intake. Prepare your body and your mind to make changes and live a healthier lifestyle. Preparation is key to good results. Luckily, Dr. Frenzel and his staff will help you understand all of the requirements of weight loss surgery during your consultations leading up to surgery.

It’s important that you understand that you are not alone in this process. Dr. Frenzel’s staff have all undergone weight loss surgery and will help answer any questions you have about the recovery process—both physical and mental.

The struggle against obesity is not just physical. It’s mental—talking yourself out of that piece of cake, reminding yourself of your value and self-worth. The battle against obesity is complicated. But, after surgery, you can experience a new you!

After surgery, you will have food restrictions, but with the weight coming off at such a rapid pace, you’ll appreciate your sacrifices.

Once you have recovered and reach the point where you can eat solid foods again, you can start to incorporate exercise into your routine. Many patients discuss with us how weight loss surgery gave them a new chance at life. From eating right to exercising regularly, you get to explore a lifestyle you felt you never had a chance at. Do you like hiking? Swimming? Yoga? Sports? For many pre-surgery patients, the thought of getting into a swimsuit turns them away from going to the pool. The thought of bending their body seems unmanageable and, thus, not worth the try.

After surgery, you get to call the shots. Reclaim your body, reclaim your health, and start a journey that leads to an active, healthy lifestyle. Find activities that you enjoy—it might be walking around the neighborhood, going to the gym, or playing ball with your kids. There’s no limit to what you can accomplish.

The battle is often in the mind. When you change the physical, you change the mental. And then, the options are limitless.