Jennifer Williams - Nutritionist

Meet BodEvolve’s Newest Team Member

Jennifer Williams, RD, LD
Registered and Licensed Dietitian

We are pleased to welcome Jennifer Williams, RD, LD to the BodEvolve Bariatric Surgery practice.

She is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian and has worked in the wonderful world of nutrition for 6 years. She received a Bachelors in Communications from the University of Oklahoma in 2002. Then felt lead into the health care industry and attended UT Southwestern in Dallas and received a Bachelors in Clinical Nutrition in 2009. She has always been very passionate about empowering people with the knowledge of healthy nutrition and fitness practices.

Her goal is to empower patients with nutrition knowledge and guide them to achieve a more balanced, accepting relationship with food gaining the power to eat and enjoy the foods that they LOVE! She believes that eating healthy can be very confusing and overwhelming in this day, with all the pressures of social media and “clean eating”. Her goal is to provide simple solutions that lead to a more balanced life.

We are excited to have her in the office working with our weight loss surgery patients to coach them before and after surgery. We want to make sure that each patient is provided with all of the tools needed to lead a healthy lifestyle after surgery.

If you have reached a plateau in your weight loss, have questions regarding the best supplement options or need to be seen for an annual visit, please call the office to schedule an appointment. Dr. Frenzel and the rest of the staff are committed to give you the education and support that you need to have a successful weight loss journey.