Table Full of Healthy Food

Healthy Eating After Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery

You’ve successfully undergone bariatric weight loss surgery! The courage and commitment to take that huge step in your overall health and wellness deserves to be recognized. What you’ve done for yourself has the ability to transform your future and give you a fresh start at not only physical health, but mental and emotional health improvements. So congratulations on this incredible achievement.

Weight loss surgery can be overlooked sometimes as a success. Many people misunderstand weight loss surgery and can associate patients with being lazy and unwilling to “put in the effort.” But I implore you to ignore the naysayers and walk proudly of this incredible feat. You have told your body exactly who is in charge; and that is the first step in overcoming obesity.

So now that surgery is over, the work continues. When you determine to have bariatric surgery, you commit to a lifestyle change. You acknowledge the need for help, accountability, and change in your eating habits, lifestyle habits, etc. In a sense, bariatric surgery is merely the first step. Now that Dr. Frenzel has helped you restrict your food intake, it’s up to you to continue in your pursuit of health and wellness.

After surgery, you will begin a strict diet. As time continues, you will have the opportunity to choose different foods and this is when temptation will come at you attempting to destroy your efforts and commitment. It’s important to understand just what you’re up against so that you can combat the “enemy” with full force.

After surgery, I wish I could say that cravings dissipate and energy levels immediately increase. But the fight against your previous lifestyle will be waiting for you. When you commit to bariatric weight loss surgery, you aren’t just committing to a surgery, you are committing to a completely new lifestyle. Mentally prepare to say no to fast food, fried food, food binging, and other unhealthy habits that are, sometimes, ingrained in us from a very young age.

We understand the uphill battle. After an entire life of eating unhealthy foods, you will have to retrain your body to enjoy fresh foods, vegetables, salad, eating a little all throughout the day. You have to decide that you are eating to live, not living to eat.

That’s why accountability and support is so essential. Having a support system come along side you and encourage you as you make good choices each day, each meal, does wonders for your self-esteem and motivates you to keep up your good work!

Journal, not just what you eat, but how you feel. Expressing yourself and releasing your emotions, even if no one ever reads it, helps you to heal emotionally and, thus, helps you to achieve success in your weight loss journey.

Weight loss surgery is a big commitment with an even bigger reward. Enjoy your journey!