20 Minute Daily Exercises that Work

If you find your motivation for working out dwindling, know that you are not alone.  Sometimes, life gets busy and working out gets pushed to the optional list.  But, in reality, finding time for daily exercise is crucial to your overall health and wellness.

For all of you who need a quick workout with powerful results, there are plenty of exercises you can complete indoors or outdoors in 20 minutes or less.  Focus on your core muscles and use your time wisely.  Every second counts when you are exercising.  Make sure that your form is good and that you are doing each exercise properly to avoid adverse effects.

One of the main reasons people stop working out is because they get bored.  After spending time doing the same routine day after day, it’s not uncommon for you to feel monotonous and “over it.”  If you are slowly losing the willpower to keep exercising, you need a fun workout that keeps you guessing.  Here is an example of a great workout routine that mixes things up to keep you entertained and doesn’t waste your valuable time.

While a daily workout routine might seem too committed for you, only committing to 20 minutes makes up for the difference.  In any given week, you want to focus on different core muscles.  So, for example, if you focus on your upper body on Monday, Tuesday you want to complete a core workout.  Thus, Wednesday you don’t want to do a core workout again so you focus on your lower body.

With these three main focus groups, you can complete different exercises to achieve a toned body.  In addition to this, make sure you incorporate cardio into your exercises.  Whether you choose running, jumping jacks, sprints, or cycling, spending just 10 to 15 minutes on cardio can help you live a heart healthy lifestyle.

Having flexibility in your workout routine will help you to stay motivated.  The goal is to keep you active for the full 20 minutes each day, excluding Sundays.  When you begin your exercises, make sure you warm-up.  You want to get your muscles ready for a full, filled workout.  Once you finish your 20 minutes, make sure you cool down.

Constant moving during your 20 minute workout will keep your heart rate up.  Here are some examples of exercises you can complete.

A great lower body workout is lunges.  Lunges are simple, can be completed indoors, and will give you the burn you need for a productive workout.  Another great exercise is plank.  Plank works your core and helps you to tighten your entire body.  During this exercise, you activate your core by sucking in your belly button as you lay flat with your elbows, forearms, and toes on the ground.  Upper body workouts include the arms, shoulders, and back.  Giving your biceps and triceps a full workout will help to sculpt your arms.  The three main focus groups combine to give you the complete package.