Information on Gastric Bypass Surgery

If you are overweight and insulin dependent, gastric bypass can change your life.  There are several weight loss surgeries available including lap band, Realize band, gastric sleeve, and the gastric bypass.  More than 50 percent of bariatric surgical procedures performed in the United States are gastric bypass.  This method of weight loss surgery is effective in changing your self-confidence, body shape, and your health.  Consider the following benefits of gastric bypass and schedule a consultation with Dr. Frenzel to begin your complete transformation.

Dr. Frenzel is a board certified surgeon and has dual Fellowship Training in both Cosmetics and Bariatrics.  In good hands, you can find comfort in the fact that your doctor has gone above and beyond the requirements.  The gastric bypass surgery is done laparoscopically, when possible.  If not safe, open surgery is an option.  This surgery is in place to change lives for the better.  If you struggle with obesity, bariatric surgery is a life altering experience.

Of course, like all other methods of weight loss, gastric bypass recipients must follow the special diet post-surgery.  But the discipline required will be no trouble when you see the results of the surgery.  The changes you will notice in your body after gastric bypass include a reduced risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and cancer.  You want to make the most of your gastric bypass surgery.  Stick to the special diet prescribed and achieve the healthy lifestyle you’ve been waiting for.

As the leading operation for resolving severe or uncontrolled diabetes and hypertension, gastric bypass candidates should be in good mental health, have a BMI of 35 or greater, and possess a full understanding of the risks and benefits involved in bariatric surgery.

The fight against obesity is real, especially in America today.  Take a stand and schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Frenzel.  Begin the transformation of a lifetime.  During your consultation, voice your concerns and ask any questions you have.  Dr. Frenzel will give you information about all of your options and discuss the best method of bariatric surgery for you.

Gastric Bypass is designed to restrict food intake and promote food malabsorption.  During surgery, the stomach is divided to create a small pouch that connects to a loop of the small intestine.  Reducing the size of the stomach, the results help patients feel satisfied with only a small amount of food.  This means that you will eat less, absorb less food than you consume, and experience significant weight loss.

The weight loss experienced from gastric bypass occurs more rapidly than with other bariatric procedures.  Along with rapid weight loss, patients should anticipate physical and psychological changes.  It is important to understand that success is not rated merely on weight loss, but on the prevention of serious obesity-related health problems.  Maintain a healthy lifestyle, experience long-term results, and enjoy a life of health and happiness.

Feel good in your own skin.  Ask Dr. Frenzel for more details on gastric bypass and start loving life again.