The Benefits of Consistent Exercise

When exercising, it is important to establish a regular routine.  It can be difficult to find consistency in working out.  With busy schedules that never seem to be consistent, how can you find consistency in this one aspect of life?

Regular exercise has obvious benefits—helping you lose weight, tone muscles, and burn fat.  But more than burning away calories, consistent exercise allows for your body to adapt to this new habit.  Physically and mentally, exercising regularly helps you burn more fat, improve circulation, lose and manage weight, and improve health.

With so many benefits, it seems like a worthwhile commitment to make.  But that is way easier said than done.  Consider New Year’s resolutions.   Improving health is always at the top of the list.  But after a couple months of consistency, gyms drop members like flies.

To help you stay faithful to regular exercise, here are some tips.  It is crucial to find and schedule a specific time to exercise.  Because most people do not have consistent schedules, exercising is often pushed to the bottom of the list of things to do.  If the day progresses quickly and you are busy, the gym is the first sacrifice.  However, a shift in thinking is necessary.  Make going to the gym as important as going to work.  Wake up earlier, stay up later, exercise during lunch, or keep weights at your desk.

You don’t have to have a gym membership to engage in an effective workout.  You can work out during your lunch break—walking, jogging, bicycling, walking the stairs, and even weight training.  One of the most believed deceptions in society is that you need machines to get a good workout.  But think about the human body and the different exercises you can do without touching a manmade object.  Crunches, squats, planks, jumping jacks, and so many more exercises are readily available.

Consistent exercise requires thought and planning.  If you want to stay faithful, you can schedule your exercise time during your favorite television show.  Walk in place, do squats up and down the hallway, lift weights, and stay active.

When you exercise regularly, you experience many benefits.  Improving your circulation allows for fatty acids to more through the blood and into the muscle easier, which, in effect, means fat fuels your body.  In addition, the number of mitochondria increases, providing your body with more energy.

If you have tried consistent exercising and failed, think about the different methods of exercise.  Most people try one exercise routine over and over again—going to the gym, walking around the neighborhood, etc.  But if your routine isn’t working, switch things up.  Start biking, swimming, hiking, rock climbing, playing with the dog, lifting weights, or yoga.

There are so many fitness routines available online and through programs, but because old habits die hard, it’s difficult to branch out.  Try something new and enjoy consistent exercising.