New Year, New You – Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

It’s a New Year, which means one thing—New Year resolutions.  If you are like most of Americans, your resolution revolves around a healthy lifestyle.  But with the holidays ending and the plethora of unhealthy choices surrounding your every move, how can you establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle?  To help you get started on a track that will last a lifetime, here are some tips and advice on eating right and exercising.

The first tip is to be specific in your resolution.  A healthy lifestyle is too general of a statement.  You’ll find yourself overwhelmed before you even attempt any changes.  Here are some examples of good New Year resolutions—stop drink sodas, count calories, workout for 30 minutes each day, etc.

Being specific in your goals allows you to establish a new habit.  Once you’ve conquered the sodas, you can add in more healthy alternatives.  Start small and work your way to a healthier lifestyle.  Don’t try to quit cold turkey.  That never works well.

There are two main components of a healthy lifestyle—eating and exercising.  Most people focus on one and ignore the other.  For example, you might think if you count your calories, you don’t need to exercise.  Or, if you exercise each day, you don’t need to worry about what you eat.  If you want a truly healthy lifestyle, however, you have to incorporate both into your daily life.

Understanding the fundamentals of health and wellness can drastically transform your mentality and actions as you change your lifestyle.  This month, incorporate research and reading into your resolution.  As you begin this journey, and trust me, it’s a journey, you’ll have the right information to help guide you and encourage you.

Encouragement is a huge benefit when you are going through any big life change.  Most people say they have a resolution, but never give it much thought.  When you decide to change your lifestyle and become healthier, it’s a huge decision.  Establish a support system and choose one or two people to be your accountability partners.

With the right tools, guides, support, and preparation, you’re ready to slowly, but surely transform your life.

Be practical.  Set goals that are attainable.  Losing 15 pounds in two weeks is not healthy.  It’s important to understand that you aren’t looking for a quick fix, you are looking for an improved lifestyle.  And that takes time.  Patience is a huge part of this process.

When you are mentally prepared, you can begin your journey to a healthy lifestyle.  Enjoy learning new recipes and find a workout that is fun.