Top view of cutting gingerbread of metal molds

Holiday Help: Avoiding Unhealthy Foods

After bariatric surgery, your diet and lifestyle is essential to maintain.  Going from a stomach that can hold about 1000 milliliters of food or liquid to a stomach that holds 50 milliliters requires a serious commitment.  And after a consultation and pre-surgery prep, we know that you are willing to put in that effort.  But, erasing 30 years of old habits is difficult.  And we understand that.  To help you get through the holidays after your bariatric weight loss surgery, we’ve come up with some helpful tips and tricks.

Whether this is your first year or tenth year after your bariatric weight loss surgery, there is something so incredibly enticing about holiday treats.  All of the sudden, all of your hard work starts to fade to the backburner and those incredible cakes start to seem more and more valued.

Before you reach for that holiday treat, let’s go over the facts.

Your stomach is much smaller than it once was.  You’ve undergone weight loss surgery to transform your life and give you a new opportunity.  You’ve worked so hard to stay consistent.  And, contrary to popular belief, there are no cheat days.  Each day with your new stomach requires you to make healthy choices.  Each bite you take must have nutritional value to improve your overall health.

The temptation is not worth it.  The most important tip I can give you is to resist temptation.  It’s the most difficult, it’s excruciating at times, but it is worth it!  Don’t allow old habits to creep back into your thought life.  If you see a new candy dish sitting out, do whatever it takes to say no.  Whether it’s throwing it away, leaving the room, or going and buying a healthier alternative right then and there—you’ve worked too hard to slip back into your old lifestyle.

The next most important tip is to plan ahead.  And stick to it.  If you love sweets, plan accordingly.  If you need a salty snack every afternoon, plan ahead.  You know your body the best.  So create a meal plan that will allow you to indulge in a salty or sweet treat that also has nutritional value!  Then, don’t let your eyes wander.

Your body adapts to what it gets.  When you start eating healthy foods, you’ll notice that you’ll start craving those foods.  It might be difficult in the beginning, but after a little time, you start to form new, healthy eating habits.  Make those habits count!

And, finally, don’t be naïve.  You know your weaknesses, especially during Christmastime.  You know your traditions and how some of those traditions will have to change to accommodate your new lifestyle.  Incorporate your family into your new lifestyle to give them a healthier future.

After going through bariatric surgery and working so hard to keep the weight off and the food nutritious, you can keep going, even during the holidays.  Stay strong and enjoy your family this Christmas.