Benefits of Post Bariatric Plastic Surgery

Bariatric surgery is a huge accomplishment.  Taking the necessary steps to ensure that your life is filled with healthy choices is an incredible feat.  If you have recently undergone bariatric surgery, consider the numerous benefits of post-bariatric plastic surgery from Dr. Frenzel.

Dr. Frenzel is one of only a handful of surgeons in the country that is both a Fellowship Trained Bariatric Surgeon and a Fellowship Trained Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon.  He specializes in bariatric surgery and post-bariatric reconstructive cosmetic plastic surgery.  As a dual fellowship trained surgeon, Dr. Frenzel is dedicated to seeing patients through the complete transformation—from the pre-bariatric surgery phase, through the bariatric surgery, and if necessary, through the post-bariatric plastic surgery phase.

With a qualified surgeon, you will experience peace of mind as Dr. Frenzel leads you through each step of the transformation process.  Once you have achieved your weight loss goals, you might have unwanted loose skin.  If you have experienced rapid weight loss, get to Dr. Frenzel today and ask about the post-bariatric plastic surgery options.

Body contouring is an option for both men and women who have lost a significant amount of weight and now have various issues related to excess skin and loose skin.  Because rapid weight loss does not allow for adequate time to tighten skin through exercise, post-bariatric plastic surgery is a viable option.  If you have undergone bariatric surgery or lost weight through traditional methods, consider the following benefits.

Dr. Frenzel is one of only a select few surgeons who is formally trained to take care of weight loss patients in every aspect of bariatrics.  If you have loose skin in one of the following areas of your body, allow Dr. Frenzel to lend a helping hand.  Loose skin can be found in the arms, abdomen, lower body, breasts, and thighs.  If you would like to improve your silhouette and gain a tighter, more firm body, post-bariatric plastic surgery is right for you.

The arm lift surgery is designed for those looking to remove excess, hanging skin from the upper arms.  With quick weight loss comes unwanted loose skin.  The results of such impressive weight loss results include insecurities about the appearance of your arms.  If you find yourself avoiding shirts that expose your arms, the arm lift surgery can help you gain the confidence and looks you want.

An abdominoplasty is a plastic surgery performed on individuals who have loose folds of skin in the abdomen.  Often times, an abdominoplasty is combined with liposuction to remove excess fat that lies between the muscles and the skin.  A body lift is a surgical procedure that removes and tightens excess, sagging skin around the buttocks, hips, and thighs to reshape the contour of the lower body.

There are several procedures available to those who are looking to remove any sagging skin as a result of bariatric surgery.  If you have lost weight, reward yourself for your efforts and schedule a consultation to talk to Dr. Frenzel about your post-bariatric plastic surgery options.