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Bariatric Patient Success Stories & Tips

Bariatric weight loss surgery changes patients physically, emotionally, and mentally.  From the obvious weight loss to improvements with obesity-related illnesses, the physical benefits of undergoing the gastric sleeve procedure speak for themselves.  But one advantage that is most surprising to patients is the changes that occur mentally.

Imagine waking up each morning unable to easily sit up and get out of bed.  Imagine not wanting to get out of bed because you have no energy to fight yourself on what to wear, what to eat, or how to eat healthy.  Most of our patients recount their journey from the first moment they realized they were overweight through their weight loss procedure and the changes that occur post-surgery.

For some patients, the struggle against obesity begins in grade school.  Being overweight in elementary school plays a huge role on the self-esteem of children who just want to enjoy a game of kickball or go shopping with their friends.  To think of lunchtime with classmates often brings up terrible memories.

Fast forward to high school and college.  Our patients talk about the stigma of beauty in America—a bikini body, an hourglass figure, protruding bones.  While this cultural stigma might not be realistic, many women feel hopeless in their ability to achieve this goal.  And, thus, turn to food for comfort and love.  Friday nights become movie nights with themselves and food—popcorn, pizza, alcohol, ice cream, and candy.

By the time college graduation takes place, not only have they gained weight, they’ve gained obesity-related illnesses, such as sleep apnea, heart disease, diabetes, etc.  Their self-confidence ranks zero on a scale of one to ten.  The mental burden that is placed upon them is all-consuming.

Patients who schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Frenzel, oftentimes, have a friend or family member who has gone through bariatric surgery.  Seeing the process unfold before you has a way of waking you up to what your future could be.

During your consultation with Dr. Frenzel, you will learn all about the different bariatric surgeries available.  Together, Dr. Frenzel will walk with you through your options and best plan to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Post-surgery, our patients reveal that the lifestyle changes are amazing.  Losing weight rapidly requires a strict nutritional diet.  This means that every bite has to count because your stomach is much smaller than it used to be.  Binge eating is prohibited.  Eating healthy promotes faster weight loss, but also gives you more energy to get up and be active.  As the pounds come off, you’ll find yourself excited to get out in public and flaunt your new body.

Shopping is a highlight for many bariatric patients.  Before surgery, you feel so restricted to plus size clothes.  But after surgery, the clothing choices are endless.  And the best part, you’ll feel good about yourself when you look in the dressing room mirror.