Top reasons to get a Lap Band

Have you been struggling with your weight?  Are you ready to make a change in your lifestyle?  If you are looking for an effective way to lose a significant amount of weight, the Lap Band Surgery is for you.

Lap Band, laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding, is a sure way to treat obesity.  If you are looking for a safe way to get the help you need, the Lap Band Surgery is a frequently performed weight loss surgery that can help you get to the weight you would like to be.  Beginning in the mid 1990s, the Lap Band Surgery has proven itself to be effective in weight loss goals.   Available in the US since 2001, when the FDA approved its safety, the Lap Band Surgery is one of the most frequently performed types of weight loss surgeries.

During the Lap Band Surgery, a medical device, the Lap Band System, is placed into the body.  The band adjusts to your needs and is reversible.  The Lap Band System included the adjustable gastric band, tubing, and an access port.  The surgery works by placing the adjustable band around the upper part of the stomach.  This reduces the opening, creating a small food pouch.  The large portion of the stomach is left below the band.

Lap Band Surgery is a minimally invasive surgery, performed laparoscopically.  Using general anesthesia, small incisions are made in the abdominal wall.  The Lap Band is inserted into the body and the gastric band is placed around the stomach.  The access port, connected to the gastric band, is fastened to the inside of the abdominal wall.

By choosing this laparoscopic surgery, you experience less pain, a quick recovery, and fewer complications.  The Lap Band Surgery restricts food consumption, meaning you have less hunger sensations, you eat less, and it is easier to lose weight.  Because of the band placed around the stomach, there is a small gastric pouch created.  The band limits food consumption and slows the emptying process from the stomach into the intestines.  This gives you the sensation of being full sooner and for a longer amount of time.

If you are looking for a safe way to reach your weight loss goals, if you are overweight and need help shedding the pounds, Lap Band Surgery can help.  By providing your body with the self-control it needs to resist overeating, you can reach your weight loss goals.  It is important to remember that because you are restricting your food consumption, eating healthier foods and getting the necessary nutrients is imperative.

Don’t give up on your weight loss goals.  Get the Lap Band Surgery and watch as your body is redefined.  During the surgery, the access port is placed beneath the skin that is connected to the gastric band via tubing.  To adjust the Lap Band, your surgeon can inflate or deflate the band by adding or removing saline through the access port using a thin needle.  You can trust that with the Lap Band Surgery, your weight loss goals can be achieved.

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