Top reasons to get the gastric sleeve procedure

Are you looking for a weight loss solution that is lasting and effective?  If you have attempted to lose weight only to face defeat every day, the gastric sleeve procedure is for you.  A weight loss solution that involves surgery, the gastric sleeve procedure gets you the results you are looking for.

With the temptation of overeating, the gastric sleeve procedure helps you to overcome this obstacle.  By removing the lateral two-thirds of the stomach using a stapling device, the gastric sleeve procedure is designed to create a tube shaped stomach, as opposed to a sac.  With a small tube, instead of a large sac, food intake decreases significantly.  By reducing the stomach capacity, only an entrée sized meal would be consumable.  Imagine life with a smaller stomach, getting full faster, and not having to worry about overeating.  With the gastric sleeve procedure, your stomach will not be able to hold more than 200ml of food, meaning any overeating problems will diminish.

Say goodbye to obesity.  With a smaller stomach, you will find a smaller you.  Eating less, losing weight, and feeling healthier.  That’s the lifestyle you can have.  As a restrictive procedure, the gastric sleeve procedure restricts the amount of food you consume.  The surface area of the stomach lining is reduced, which means two things: eat less and chew your food!  The goal of the gastric sleeve procedure is for you to eat less.  But, in addition to eating less, you need to maximize the absorption of what you eat.  If your food is not chewed properly you will experience discomfort.

Remember, your food intake is being significantly decreased.  And this requires a huge lifestyle change.  If you are used to eating unhealthy foods for every meal, your eating habits must change after the gastric sleeve procedure.  This is because the gastric sleeve procedure is cutting your food intake significantly.  If the little intake you do have is full of fast food or processed foods, your body isn’t getting its required nutrients.  So it is imperative that your food intake after the gastric sleeve procedure be filled with nutrients that will benefit your body.

Changing your lifestyle is no easy task.  But the gastric sleeve procedure is the kick-start you need to change your life.  After the surgery you will find that your hunger is reduced.  Because 60 percent of your stomach is cut out during the surgery, biochemicals that cause hunger sensations are removed.  This surgery is restrictive, but unlike other surgeries, the gastric sleeve procedure excludes any foreign objects from your body, reducing infection chances.  In addition to all of these pros for gastric sleeve, the biggest advantage is the amount of weight you lose.  Between 30 to 60 percent of your weight is lost during the first two years of the surgery.

Change your life today with the gastric sleeve procedure.  Giving you a healthy weight loss solution, you can live life like you’ve always wanted to.

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