Attention Texarkana Residents—Dr. Frenzel is in your area!

Are you living in east Texas, southwest Arkansas, or northwest Louisiana?  Texarkana is being transformed with the introduction of Dr. Frenzel’s new office.  If you are looking for bariatric services, Dr. Frenzel is the man for the job.

Dr. Frenzel offers bariatric services of the utmost quality.  If you are looking for ways to lose a significant amount of unwanted weight, Dr. Frenzel can help you make an educated decision on which procedure is best for you.  Offering weight loss surgeries, such as the Lap Band, Realize Band, Gastric Sleeve, and Gastric Bypass, Dr. Frenzel has come to Texarkana to give you exactly what you are looking for.

Dr. Frenzel is dedicated to making long term relationships with weight loss surgery patients, desiring to see success in each patient. With Dr. Frenzel’s help, a healthier and happier life, through bariatric services, is now available.

Your transformation is important to Dr. Frenzel and his staff.  You are not just getting a procedure when you visit Dr. Frenzel, you are getting a support system.  A consultation is important to finding the perfect weight loss surgery for you.  Whether you are interested in Lap Band, Gastric Sleeve, or Gastric Bypass, Dr. Frenzel takes the time to understand your struggle with obesity and discuss which procedure will provide you with the most successful results.

With the opening of a new location in Texarkana, those in east Texas, southwest Arkansas, and northwest Louisiana, can be taken through the complete transformation of weight loss—from the pre-bariatric surgery phase, through the bariatric surgery, and finishing with the post-bariatric cosmetic plastic surgery, as needed.  If you are in the Texarkana area and you are looking for a successful weight loss method, bariatric surgery is the perfect solution.  No longer do you have to struggle with obesity.  Set up a consultation with Dr. Frenzel and watch as he takes you through your complete transformation.

If you need bariatric services, if you want a doctor who loves his profession and is passionate about seeing lives changes, if you are in the Texarkana area, get to Dr. Frenzel and start your weight loss journey.  Not only will you notice the significant physical change, but your transformation will be complete with an emotional and mental change in self-perception.  Enjoy the confidence you will receive when you go through bariatric surgery.

Dr. Frenzel is a fellowship-trained bariatric surgeon dedicated to seeing changes in the lives of others.  Because of his passion, he is also a fellowship-trained cosmetic plastic surgeon.  Through his dual-fellowship, he is able to take patients through the complete transformation.  Allow him to help you make a change in your life.  If you are living in the Texarkana area and would like to experience the joy of weight loss, talk to Dr. Frenzel today.  Step on to the road of weight loss today, begin your journey, and watch as Dr. Frenzel walks beside you each step of the way.