Tips for Eating Healthy – Post Bariatric Surgery

Healthy living is crucial to pre and post-bariatric surgery.  But changing a lifelong habit can be a challenge.  Several factors play a role in eating healthy, ranging from habit and taste to finances.  If you are ready to start eating healthy, here are some great tips for doing so on a budget.

With the endless benefits of eating organic, the food is good, but the price is not.  Many people give up on eating organic foods because of the cost, but there are several ways to eat organic food on a budget.  Benefits of organic foods include a decrease in the toxic burden in the body, on farm workers, and on the environment.  In addition, the meats you eat matter.  When eating organic meat, you get more nutrition with fewer toxins.

You can eat organic meat for a lower cost when you minimize your portion sizes.  Protein is important for the body to intake, but there is a tendency in Americans to eat more meat than their bodies need.  When you practice portion control, you essentially save money.

For some serious nutrition, eat plenty of grains and legumes.  These foods are inexpensive and provide you with a heaviness in meals.  Mix up the way you use the grains to give yourself variety.  If you are looking for a light grain, quinoa is the perfect solution.  For a heavier grain, barley will give you the feeling of more sustenance.

Once you have incorporated grains and legumes, make purchases in bulk.  From the grains you need to pasta, dried fruits, nuts, and flours, when you go to natural foods stores, choose bulk sizes.  This will provide you with plenty of provisions, while giving you a lower price per quantity ratio.  As you are shopping, look for seasonal foods.  While you might be craving watermelon in winter, you will benefit from seasonal foods, as they are more nutritious and cost less from shipping.

Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to eat organically.  Though there are several pros to eating organic foods, there are other alternatives.  Your eating habits and exercise level will play a huge factor in your health.  If you choose not to eat organic foods, you can still make healthy choices.

Making sure you get your daily caloric intake is important.  Eating several small meals a day is better for you than eating three big meals a day.  When you are eating, make wise choices like fruits and vegetables.  You also want to eat calcium-rich foods.  This includes dairy products like milk, yogurt, cheese, and fortified soymilk.  With a variety of choices, getting your necessary intake shouldn’t be a monotonous, daily routine.  Switch it up so you don’t get burnt out.  And, finally eat lean proteins, such as meat, poultry, seafood, and eggs.

Eating healthy requires a lifestyle difference.  Break the habit of fast food and try nutritious alternatives.  You will find that you have more energy, more joy, and more money.