Stacie’s Gastric Bypass Surgery – Patient Testimonial

Gastric bypass is a popular weight loss surgery for patients who need to lose more than 50 pounds.  One patient at Advanced Bariatric Surgery found that undergoing bariatric surgery saved her from years of heartache.

Before having the gastric bypass surgery, Stacie wore a size 22 pants.  She struggled with confidence, energy, and the will to work out.  Having this bariatric procedure has not only transformed Stacie’s looks; she has the energy and desire to live a healthier lifestyle.

Stacie was able to lose 134 pounds and fit into a size 10 in jeans.  To begin her journey, Stacie met with Dr. Frenzel to discuss her options.  Together, they agreed to proceed with the gastric bypass bariatric surgery.  To help prepare her for surgery, Dr. Frenzel set up a timeline explaining necessary milestones before the procedure.  Something Stacie most admires about her experience with Advanced Bariatric Surgery is the commitment of the staff.  They helped her and encouraged her to meet those milestones.

After the surgery, it is crucial for patients to understand that weight loss happens rapidly, leaving excess and sagging skin.  To continue her pursuit in a complete transformation, Stacie contacted Dr. Frenzel for a post-bariatric tummy tuck.

She had a lot of loose skin that affected her confidence.  Dr. Frenzel was able to perform a tummy tuck and remove between eight and ten pounds of excess skin.  For Stacie, that was the finishing touch she needed.  Now, everything fits smooth and she can wear a form filling dress without worrying about bulges.

Stacie now boasts of her tight stomach.  Reaching her goals was a process, one that came with a lot of encouragement from the staff at Advanced Bariatric Surgery.  But, now, Stacie is taking her weight loss to the next level.  She wakes up early each day to ride her bike 25 miles.  She has changed her lifestyle to accommodate her young son.  Now, the two spend quality time together playing outside and staying active.

Where once she hated shopping and trying on clothes, Stacie now loves shopping.  She feels confident looking in the dressing room mirrors and seeing her reflection.  Going from a size 22 to a size 10 is a huge feat.  Gastric bypass has made a drastic effect on Stacie’s life.  She is so grateful for a positive experience and a new lifestyle.

Stacie’s complete transformation changed her life.  The gastric bypass and tummy tuck came with minimal pain.  Though she needed to take some time off work to recovery, especially due to drains, she was able to go back to work, exercise, and resume normal activities within two months.

If you struggle with your weight, Stacie suggests that you simply schedule a consultation with Dr. Frenzel.  One conversation is all it takes to encourage you to live a healthier lifestyle.