Exercises for Senior Citizens

If you’re in the Senior Citizen age category, it can be difficult to find appropriate exercises for your body.  But don’t give up on your changing needs.  While your body is finding new methods to adapt to life, you can find new exercise to accommodate your body.  There are several exercises that can benefit your health as you go through your day-to-day activities.

Exercising is crucial for your body, especially as more time goes by.  After age 30, physiological functioning peaks and declines.  There are several exercises that do not require physical strain for senior citizens looking to get their heart rate up and stay in good physical health.  Some benefits of daily exercises include reduced stiffness in joints, better posture, improved strength in muscles, and reduced risks of chronic diseases.

While rumors may lead you to believe that you must join a gym to get enough exercises; that is simply not the truth.  You can complete a full exercising routine in the comforts of your home.  Before you begin a workout regimen, there are a couple of steps to remember.  First, check with your doctor to ensure that you are ready for exercises.  If, during your exercises, you feel any pain, stop that exercise and ask your doctor about it.  Once you have full clearance, begin your new routine with a thorough warm up.  Keeping you safe, warming up helps your joints prepare for exercises.  Warming up varies in form, but always includes low-intensity movement.

After your warm up is complete, begin by stretching your muscles.  Without overexertion, you want to make sure your arms and legs are stretched and ready for a good workout.  Some stretches include sitting in a chair and reaching your arms away from your body, extending your legs outward, and lifting your shoulders up and bringing them back down repeatedly.

Stretched and ready to go, begin your workout with flexibility exercises.  Turning your head from side to side, holding for a couple of seconds, is a great exercise.  Next, move your hands up and down.  Any movement at all is good for your body, as it gets your blow flowing and reduces stiffness in your joints.  Move your arms in big circles then smaller ones.  This promotes stretching and flexibility.

Next, move on to muscular exercises.  Wall push-ups are the easiest method of muscular endurance.  Standing about one foot away, push yourself toward the wall and back again without moving your feet.  Balance exercises include standing on one leg with one hand on the wall for support.  Change legs periodically.

Finally, cardio exercises include walking and swimming.  Getting your heart rate going, burning calories, and reducing weight gain, you’ll love the results of your hard work.

As humans, we can never reach the age where our exercising days are over.  If you’re a senior citizen, think about ways to improve your lifestyle with flexibility, cardio, and balance exercises.  You will notice impressive improvements in your body in a matter of days.