The Best and Worst Ways to Lose Weight

Losing weight has always been accompanied with myths focused on quick weight loss. Unfortunately, most of the time, diets and detoxing end up backfiring in the worst of ways. Instead of fast-paced weight loss gimmicks, look to effective ways of healthy living and you will find that maintaining a healthy weight gets easier by the day.

The worst ways to lose weight include detoxing, starving yourself, taking diet pills, and going on fad diets. Your body requires a certain amount of daily food intake. When you begin to make changes to your body’s intake, make sure your changes are beneficial and promote healthy living. Often times, when trying to lose weight, there is a deceptive word that ends up hurting more than helping—diet. A diet rarely shows long-lasting results. Fad diets are incredibly popular as they can cause extreme results, but it’s only for a short period of time. You will notice that dieting has side effects and causes you to sacrifice nutrients necessary to your health. The reason most diets are dubbed “fad” is because they quickly fade when the truth is revealed. The gimmick of marketing a diet is very successful, but the results are quite the opposite.

Detoxing is another deceptive means of weight loss. Though this idea is great, in actuality, detoxing is unnecessary. Because your body detoxes on its own, detox diets are not only unnecessary, but they are not successful. When you detox, you cleanse your body from toxins, meaning you lose a lot of fluid. The downside to detoxing is that you gain the fluid loss back almost immediately after you lose it. On top of that, you lose essential vitamins and minerals from the detox.

Instead of looking to shortcuts, consider a lifestyle of healthy eating and exercising. When your body receives the proper nutrients in the correct proportions, your body shape immediately improves. Add exercise to eating right and you will notice incredible results.

The best way to lose weight is to exercise. Though you may not be able to dedicate each afternoon to an intense workout, setting aside 20 to 30 minutes will provide you with serious results. Staying active throughout your day is also helpful. If you have a desk job, take some time to get up and walk around, move body, and keep your blood flowing. Some fun exercises include aerobics, yoga, spin classes, and swimming. Enjoy the outdoors and keep active. You’ll have more energy, you’ll feel better about yourself, and you’ll look great.

In addition to exercising, it is extremely important to eat right. From avoiding alcoholic beverage and value sizes to eating fresh foods, what you intake has a lasting effect on your body. Drinking water works to your advantage when you are trying to lose weight. Though your stomach will feel fuller, you will be losing weight. It flushes out toxins and provides you with nutrients. Ditch the diet and live a healthy, active lifestyle.