Staying Active During the Winter

It’s inevitable that with the winter season comes extra warmth from unwanted weight.  Because of the restrictions to the indoors, it can be difficult to work your body to the extent in which the summer season receives.

Instead of battling from one season to the other, consider these exercises available to you in the winter.  Post-holiday weight, the lack of outdoor exposure, and lots of sedentariness can leave you ready to run through the snow.  Protect your health and follow these few simple indoor exercises.  By following this routine, you will find that not only are you happy with the physical results, but your outlook on life might not be so gloomy after all.

The first step is a tale as old as time—walking.  Whether you hail from a one bedroom apartment or a hillside manor, take some time to walk around your space.  Disclaimer: by walking around the same places over and over again, you might find new activities to consume your time…a deep clean.  Multitasking, you can burn a lot of calories by cleaning.  Don’t be afraid to change things up.  Winter cleaning is just as effective as spring.

Once you’ve got your heart rate going, take time to stretch.  Warm up your muscles, get ready for physically demanding exercises, and jump into it.  The next exercise is waist bends.  Sounds easy enough, right?  Bend and snap.  But it’s more involved than you might think.  Begin by bending forward, move to the right then backward then to the left.  To increase difficulty, hold a dumbbell in your hands.

Next, move on to knee bends.  This exercise requires a lot of attention to detail.  For balance and safety reasons, take hold of each side of the doorway, lean back, and squat.  Once complete, complete the calf raises.  Begin by standing on your toes and coming back down to your heels.

Then, move on to sit-ups.  Pace yourself with a set number of repetitions or time yourself and complete as many as possible.  Sit-ups can be completed in a variety of positions.  The original method, reverse sit-ups using a chair, side sit-ups, etc. are all options for indoor exercises.

In addition to isolated exercises, consider activities such as yoga or Pilates.  Working your body through balance and stretching keeps you active and fit.  Think of unique ways to keep your body firm.  From crunches and push-ups to jumping jacks and lifting weights, you can accomplish a lot of progress in a short amount of daily exercising.

When you are stuck indoors, away from your hiking trails and inline skating, create alternatives.  Burpees are a physically demanding activity that requires balance and focus.  Working out your core, thighs, and several other areas of the body, there are numerous activities to keep you in shape during the winter season.

Don’t let the cold weather keep you from keeping your body firm and ready for bathing suit season.  Whether you are inside your home or walking around an indoor mall, find a way to stay active.