Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss Surgery Testimonial

There are several weight loss surgical options available to patients who struggle with obesity.  If you are considering bariatric surgery, don’t just research the details of the surgery, listen to the stories of former patients.

Abram is a patient at Advanced Bariatric Surgery.  He scheduled a consultation with Dr. Frenzel and after discussing all of his weight loss options, determined that the gastric sleeve was the best decision.

Abram started at a weight of 320 pounds.  He suffered from high blood pressure and was borderline diabetic.  In addition to these ailments, due to his weight, he had sleep apnea.  In an effort to transform his life and improve his health, he had the gastric sleeve bariatric surgery.

One year after his procedure, Abram lost 160 pounds.  He no longer has high blood pressure, he does not have diabetes, and his sleep apnea is gone.  Abram has expressed his sincere gratitude to Dr. Frenzel for being so instrumental in his complete transformation.

When you choose to change your life through bariatric surgery, you will experience a total transformation.  For Abram, his excitement for his lifestyle change came when he went to a theme park.  The freedom to ride any ride without wondering if he would fit in the seat was a huge milestone.

If you are ready to change your life and improve your health, consider the benefits of the gastric sleeve procedure.

During the gastric sleeve surgery, Dr. Frenzel creates a vertical sleeve of stomach using a stapling device.  Approximately 80 percent of the stomach is removed.  The sleeve created becomes your new stomach.  This long tubular structure is about the size of the banana.  While a normal stomach can hold about 1500 milliliters of food and liquid, the sleeve can hold about 50 milliliters.  This is a drastic difference, which leads to significant weight loss.

The sleeve does allow for normal digestion and absorption.  This means that any food consumed passes through the digestive track as it always has and the food is fully absorbed in the body, as it should be.  There is no re-routing of the intestines.

Good candidates for the gastric sleeve procedure are those with a body mass index of 35 or more, those who need to lose more than 49 pounds, those who have experienced past failures with traditional weight loss methods, and those who are at least 18 years old.

If you are a candidate for this weight loss surgery, contact Dr. Frenzel today and begin your transformation.