Band to Sleeve Conversion Procedure Testimonial

At Advanced Bariatric Surgery, Dr. Frenzel works with patients to lose weight and feel confident.  To ensure that patients have the best results, sometimes a band to sleeve conversion is necessary.  One patient, Christy, went through this conversion process, and has seen beautiful results.

Christy received the lap band remove and went continued with bariatric weight loss through the gastric sleeve.  The best part of the process was the comfort in knowing that Dr. Freznel was listening to her.  Christy says that he listened and too kcare of the issues she was having.

The band to sleeve conversion is designed for patients that struggle with chronic nausea or vomiting, who are experiencing chronic pain around the port site, are having heart palpitations or anxiety related to the gastric band, or have failed to lose weight after a gastric band.  If any of these possibilities apply to your post-gastric band procedure, Dr. Frenzel is available to help you get back on track with your weight loss goals.

During her struggle, Christy says that Dr. Frenzel and the office staff were great.  They helped her, answered all of her questions, and made her feel at ease during the entire process.  Now, having successfully completed the band to sleeve conversion, Christy can now work out without feeling any pain, she can even engage in physically demanding workout routines.

While the gastric band is a popular and successful surgical procedure to help patients lose weight in a controlled environment, many patients use the Lap Band as a tool for weight loss.  In fact, Dr. Frenzel has never had to remove a band that he put into one of his own patients.

Dr. Frenzel believes that there is not one operation that is perfect for everyone.  During the initial consultation of bariatric weight loss, you and Dr. Frenzel can discuss the best option for your specific situation. If, however, you have chosen the Lap Band and experience chronic pain, conversion procedures are available.  In Dr. Frenzel’s experience, there is a small subset of patients that struggle with the laparoscopic gastric band.

Christy says that after having the band to sleeve conversion, she inspired others to proceed with weight loss surgery.  Her family, mom, and church family were asking about the surgery and how they could contact Dr. Frenzel.

Don’t be discouraged if you have had chronic pain or other issues with the Lap Band procedure.  Come to Dr. Frenzel and allow him and his staff to transform your situation.  The band to sleeve conversion bariatric surgery can give you the hope and confidence you need to continue on your weight loss journey.