Things to Know About the Upper Arm Lift Procedure

Before Upper Arm LiftBrachioplasty is another name for the Upper Arm Lift Procedure. If you are looking to get a more firm and tight upper arm, the upper Arm Lift procedure is for you. After you have dieted and exercised, you might notice that excess skin still lingers. The Upper Arm Lift procedure is the perfect solution.

The procedure involved the removal of excess skin, and the repositioning of the surrounding tissue. The end result is a pleasing body contour—firm, tight upper arm skin. You can benefit from an arm lift if you have a large amount of loose skin on your upper arm. After extreme weight loss, age-related changes in your arms, or any other means of losing your skins elasticity, you will find that the excess skin that lingers can alter your self-image. To give you the self-confidence you deserve and have worked hard for, treat yourself to the Upper Arm Lift procedure.

Brachioplasty is meant to remove small amounts of fat along with your excess skin, meaning significant fat deposits are not removable through the Upper Arm Lift procedure. To go through this process, you should be stabilized near your ideal weight. Good candidates for an arm lift are those in good general health, who do not smoke, and who have a stable weight. This means a healthy diet and lifestyle is essential to getting the most out of the Upper Arm Lift procedure. Keep your expectations realistic, remembering that this procedure will reduce your fat only slightly, since it is not meant to remove significant fat deposits. Although, you can expect to see a vast difference, as your excess skin is removed and your arms have a tight, youthful look.

This procedure requires surgery. Pre-op lab testing will confirm your health status, allow your surgeon to know if there are any adjustments that need to be made before the surgery. Certain medications may be required between one to two weeks before your surgery. Medications such as aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, and herbal supplements should be avoided two weeks prior to surgery. Smokers will be asked to stop in advance.

After Upper Arm LiftAfter the procedure is complete, you will find that after only two weeks, you can resume non-strenuous work. Then, after four to six weeks have passed, strenuous work and exercise can resume. The main goal for your recovery is to keep your incisions safe. That means the incisions cannot be subjected to excessive force, motion, or abrasion.

If you are looking for a safe and effective way to rid yourself of any excess skin, the Upper Arm Lift procedure is a sure way to get tight and fit arms. Say goodbye to excess skin, feel free to wear sleeveless shirts and wave to your friends. Gone are the days of hidden arms. Brachioplasty is a sure way to get your confidence back, giving you the mental health you need and the physical look you are going for.