Post-Bariatric Surgery Arm Lift Procedure

Once you undergo bariatric weight loss surgery, you will notice changes in your body and mind.  Before surgery, you might avoid looking in mirrors and trying on clothes, but after bariatric weight loss, you will notice a growing confidence within that longs to see your reflection and a desire to attend social events.

The mind and body are connected in a way that can change your life.  When you struggle with obesity, you understand the negative effects of confidence.

But after weight loss surgery, patients attest to a beautiful transformation, both physically and mentally.  All of the sudden, you start to see gradual changes in your physique, your energy level, your health, and so much more.  As you lose weight, you gain energy and confidence.  And that has a drastic effect on your mentality.

However, it is crucial that bariatric patients understand the realistic changes that take place as weight loss occurs.  It can be easy to imagine your body slim and tight, but that is most often not the case.  Because weight loss surgery affects the body quickly, loose skin is often a side effect.

Dr. Frenzel offers a solution to post bariatric bodies.  Plastic surgery is available to remove excess skin and crate a firm and tight appearance.  One procedure available is the arm lift.

Long sleeves might be your best friend, but you don’t have to hide for long.  Brachioplasty is a surgical procedure designed to remove excess skin and fat from the upper arm.  Once removed, the tone and proportion of the arms are drastically improved.

Stay confident in yourself and achieve your dreams.  Dr. Frenzel is not only fellowship trained in bariatrics, but also in plastic surgery.  This unique opportunity allows patients to get the full package—bariatric surgery and plastic surgery.  You can lose weight and look great, all with the help of Dr. Frenzel.

During the arm lift procedure, a small incision is made on the inner part of the arm, extending from the inner elbow into the armpit and chest.  Fatty tissue is then removed through liposuction and any excess skin is removed.  After this, the skin is pulled tight and sutured together.

Though scars may result, the tight and thin look that remains will leave you feeling confident in your physique.  It is important to consider all of the factors before surgery.  Talking to Dr. Frenzel about the aesthetics of surgery is important in making an informed decision.