Post Bariatric Reconstructive Surgery Testimonial – Cindy

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After five years of general surgery I did a fellowship to learn how to do bariatric surgery for one year. And then I did a second fellowship in cosmetic plastic surgery and that allows me to take my patients through the weight-loss surgery, help them lose the access weight and in addition to that after they lose the weight I can do the reconstructive surgery that addresses the excess skin that they are going to have and that they may have after they lose the weight.

When I started seeing Dr. Frenzel for my follow-ups I had lost about 100 pounds and I ended up losing about 115.  And after her gastric sleeve she had significant excess skin in multiple areas of her body. After 115 pounds you have a lot of skin that is sagging, and I needed a total reconstruction.

Not every bariatric patient is going to need this type of surgery, but if you lose over 100 pounds, most patients will have some skin issues. The five areas which are the biggest concerns are the abdomen, back, the breast, arms, and thighs.

When he saw that I was where I was pretty much going to be, and wasn’t going to lose anymore we started on the reconstruction. And I wanted it all done at once, and he said no it doesn’t work that way. So we did it in stages. My number one goal is to get the patient to a healthy weight. This is about getting the patient healthy. However, during that time in this massive weight loss, they can form this excess skin. At that point, the skin needs to be addressed.

And I said, I just want to look normal, I don’t want to look fake.  And he said I can do that. I said, we’ll I’m trusting you then. He just did a fabulous job, and I look normal again.

And it’s not until they take the skin off, they finally say their transformation is complete. Now when I look in the mirror, I see the person I know that I am. Cindy did very well, we got excellent results. He gave me back me, because I’ve always been a very outgoing person.  I love to be around people, we have a great life. I have a great life, because I get to be me.

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