Learning more about Band Fills and FAQ

Following the Lap Band procedure, adjustments to the band are sometimes necessary.  Band fills are available to make the band tighter or looser, depending on your desired weight loss.  Healthy weight loss is essential to Dr. Frenzel.  That’s why he will work with you to ensure that your band fill is customized to your needs, so you can lose weight at a healthy pace.

The band fill process includes the injection of sterile saline into a port below the skin.  The lap band inside the stomach is attached to the port, so as the port is filled the lap band tightens.  The effect of the band fills is decreased appetite.  The band fills must be properly adjusted in order for you to achieve your desired weight goals.

When you get the lap band surgery done, band fills are not immediate solutions.  The lab band procedure requires recovery time, after which, you will see immediate weight loss.  However, after a certain period of time, adjustments help you maintain weight loss.  The band fills allow for long term results.

The band fills are typically performed every four weeks after surgery, decreasing over the years.  As a virtually painless procedure, band fills will help you achieve your weight loss goals in a timely, healthy fashion.  After you have recovered from surgery, within the first month after the Lap Band surgery, you will receive your first band fill.  It is important that your adjustments are made properly so that you will achieve healthy weight loss.  If weight loss occurs too rapidly, it can cause you even more problems.  The band fills are in place to facilitate gradual weight loss at a healthy rate.

Though there is a tentative schedule for band fills, it is important to understand that every person has unique needs and body patterns.  Your band fill will be customized to your body so that you will achieve the right adjustment for your body.  If are considering lap band, don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation with Dr. Frenzel.  While discussing the Lap Band procedure, feel free to ask questions about the band fills.

During your consultation and throughout your weight loss journey with Dr. Frenzel, make sure you feel comfortable enough to openly discuss your eating habits.  The Lap Band procedure is most effective when your doctor is well informed on your changes and weight loss experiences.  With Dr. Frenzel, you can design a band fill schedule that is best suited for your body and lifestyle.

If you struggle with overeating or portion control, it might be time for your band fill.  Pay close attention to the dietary guidelines issued by Dr. Frenzel and keep him updated on any changes you experience.  After the Lap Band procedure, it can be difficult to change your lifestyle.  The band fills are available to help you make the necessary changes to your diet at a slower pace.  Begin your weight loss journey with Dr. Frenzel and enjoy the new you.