Lap Band Patient Success Stories

*Actual weight loss results may vary based on the individual.

Lap band weight loss surgery is a highly used approach in fighting obesity.  Surgeons use this completely reversible method to help patients lose weight quickly.  Candidates for the lap band procedure are those who are at least 18 years old, have experienced past failures with other weight loss methods, need to lose at least 50 pounds and do not suffer from hyperphagia or polyphagia.

If you meet these requirements, your life can be drastically transformed with the help of Dr. Clayton Frenzel.  Amy is the perfect example.  She had lap band surgery and, as a result, lost 113 pounds.  She used feel incredibly uncomfortable in her own skin.  Every time she walked into a room, people stared.  And though she still gets stared out, it’s for a different reason now.  She’s not the biggest person in the room anymore.  And that feeling has changed her entire mindset.  She now has the confidence she needed to enter into a career in marketing.

Talking to people, pursuing her dreams, even walking around in high heels, it’s all a result of her bariatric weight loss surgery.  Her only regret is not being able to have her band sooner.

During a lap band procedure, Dr. Frenzel places an inflatable silicone device on the upper portion of the stomach.  This limits food intake and suppresses hunger, which leads to weight loss.  Bands are available in two sizes and have adjustment options to ensure your band is customized to your specific needs.  The decision to undergo surgery is an impressive step in changing your life and overall health.

It’s one thing to read about different weight loss surgical options.  But when you meet the staff, at Advanced Bariatric Surgery, who has gone through the same weight loss process, you get a better sense of what to look forward to.  Call Dr. Frenzel today and schedule an initial consultation to better understand the process of bariatrics and discuss all of your questions and concerns.

Bariatric weight loss surgery is not a decision to take lightly.  We understand that and desire to help you get a full grasp of everything it entails.  From the specific weight loss method best for your body to the recovery and diet necessary after surgery, we will help answer all of your questions each step of the way.

Many of our prospective patients have a one-track mind—lose weight.  But, after bariatric surgery, the most talked about change is in confidence and the ripple effect it creates.  Confidence enables us, as humans, to do things outside of our comfort zone.  When you have confidence, you will notice yourself walking straighter, trying new activities, wearing different clothing, and even changing careers.  Begin your complete transformation with a phone call to Advanced Bariatric Surgery.  Change your body, regain your confidence, and enjoy life again.

*Results may vary