Jessica’s Gastric Sleeve Bariatric Surgery

At the age of 24, Jessica became a patient of Dr. Frenzel for the Gastric Sleeve surgery.  Her story is similar to other weight loss surgery patients.  With a BMI of 35 or greater and a need to lose 50 pounds or more, she was a perfect candidate for her procedure.

Patients seeking weight loss surgery must be at least 18 years old, in good mental health, and experienced failure with traditional weight loss methods.  Meeting all of these requirements, Jessica was able to discuss all of her options with Dr. Frenzel.  Together, they determined that gastric sleeve was the best option for her.

The decision to proceed with bariatric surgery was easy for Jessica.  She was physically worn out all of the time.  With no energy, no stamina, and no ability to work out, she needed medical assistance to regain her strength.  After the surgery she found that she is a true athlete.  She started working out almost seven days a week.  She enjoys Zumba classes, cycling, hiking with her husband, walking the dog, and going shopping.

If you have ever dreaded going shopping, you understand the transformation the gastric sleeve makes.  Jessica hated shopping before her surgery.  Not only did clothes not fit, but the amount of walking from store to store was too much.  Now, Jessica has the energy to walk around and the joy of trying clothes on.

Transform your body and transform your life.  With the gastric sleeve operation, you will feel good again.  The staff at Advanced Bariatric Surgery understands the process of bariatric weight loss surgery, as most of them have undergone the procedure.  With a deeper appreciation for weight loss patients, the staff is available with experience and testimonials.

The gastric sleeve procedure is not just designed for weight loss, it helps patients regain their health.  As you begin to lose weight you will notice drastic changes in your energy level, physical abilities, and so much more.  Jessica found that she had more drive to stay healthy, as well.

Dr. Frenzel is board certified and fellowship trained.  He is superior in experience and training.  When Jessica decided to proceed with weight loss surgery, she chose Advanced Bariatric Surgery because of her positive experience with Dr. Frenzel.  First impressions can have a life-altering effect and Jessica states that her first impression of Dr. Frenzel was really good—she could tell that he genuinely anted to help her achieve good health.

Above anyone else though, Jessica is proud of herself.  She made a good decision—though she was scared of the unknown.  But now, she can confidently say that she is so pleased with the results.

If you are considering bariatric surgery, don’t live in fear of the unknown.  Go for it!  You will love the outcome.