Health Benefits of Undergoing Weight Loss Surgery

Many patients approach weight loss surgery looking to transform their body.  However, it is crucial to understand the health benefits of bariatric surgery.  If you suffer from diabetes, sleep apnea, or another obesity-related illness, losing weight fast can help you win back your life.  Consider the health benefits of bariatrics.

Dr. Frenzel is a dual-fellowship trained surgeon in bariatric weight loss and cosmetic plastic surgery.  With two specialties, he is uniquely able to offer clients a well-rounded health and body transformation. One of the most obvious benefits of weight loss surgery is appearances.  Many patients come in with a preconceived notion of what they will look like post-surgery.

While you will see drastic physical results with weight loss surgery, the most surprising benefits are health related.  Weight loss surgery can improve, and in some cases completely resolve, major medical problems such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, chronic pain, sleep apnea, and arthritis as well decrease the risk of cancer, coronary artery disease, heart attack, and stroke.

If you are struggling maintaining your health due to obesity, Dr. Frenzel is available to help you change your life.

Because Dr. Frenzel is dual-fellowship trained, he is able to help patients in many ways other bariatric surgeons cannot.  He understands where you are starting and is able to assist you throughout the entire process.

During an initial consultation, you will learn about the many types of bariatric surgery—gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, Realize band, and lap band.  Looking at your specific health risks and needs, you and Dr. Frenzel can discuss the benefits of each surgery and determine which would be the best match for your body.

After surgery, clients begin losing weight at a rapid pace.  As the weight drops, overall health improves.  This means more energy for you!  Things you thought you would never be able to accomplish become daily routines and life expectancy improves.

While bariatric surgery transforms your health, it is important that clients expect excess skin to remain.  Because of the speed in which you lose weight after bariatric surgery, you will still carry some weight in skin.  This is where Dr. Frenzel can help.  Post bariatric cosmetic surgery is available to remove excess skin and help you achieve the physical transformation of your dreams.  From breast augmentation to thigh and lower body lifts, you can attain the results that you want.

Don’t let obesity run your life.  Improve your quality of life, feel better about yourself, and say goodbye to depression and anxiety.  With weight loss surgery, you experience medical related, physical, and psychological benefits.

If bariatric surgery is something that interests you, schedule a consultation to discuss your options today.  Find out if insurance covers your procedure and begin a life changing process.