Gastric Sleeve Patient Testimonial – Constance

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Well my life was, before surgery, just one big ball of pain.  I had osteoarthritis in my ankles, my knees, and my back.  I had back problems, high blood pressure, and all of the ills that come with being overweight.  It runs in my family, diabetes, and high blood pressure, as well.  I was just a heart attack waiting to happen.

Before my surgery, I lived with a bottle of Tums, or any kind of antacid, which never really did any good.  And I was so happy once I had the surgery that I’ve never felt that pain again.

Dr. Frenzel just put me at ease because he’s so well spoken, so knowledge about the surgery, and he allayed any fears I had.  He went over each option of the lap band, the sleeve, and the bypass.  We both agreed the sleeve was the best choice for me.

Hallelujah, I have no pain in my ankles.  I can wear heels, where I could not even wear a little heel before.  I feel 100 percent better.  And I look good in clothes!  If I had to do it over again, I’d do it 100 times over again.  If anyone wants, or is thinking about having, surgery, make the decision because it’s the best thing you’ll ever do for yourself.

Thank you Dr. Frenzel for saving my life!

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