Gastric Bypass Surgery Procedure and Testimonial

Advanced Bariatric Surgery is led by Dr. Frenzel, a dual fellowship trained surgeon, specializing in bariatric and cosmetic procedures.  As one of the only surgeons in the country to have accomplished this feat, Dr. Frenzel is able to offer patients bariatric and post-bariatric services.

One patient who has taken advantage of Dr. Frenzel’s dual fellowship is Stacie.  Stacie sought out Dr. Frenzel for a gastric bypass and a tummy tuck.  Being more than 50 pounds overweight, with a body mass index of over 35, Stacie was a perfect candidate for the gastric bypass.  Additional requirements for this surgery include patients in good mental health with an understanding of the risks and benefits involved.

Stacie started her weight loss journey in a size 22 jeans.  Throughout the process, she lost 134 pounds and went to a size 10 jeans and eight in dresses.  After the surgery and recovery process, Stacie had loose skin due to her significant weight loss.  She knew that Dr. Frenzel understood the need for plastic surgery and would be able to help.  Stacie was comfortable with Dr. Frenzel as they had established a comfort as doctor and patient.  Knowing who her plastic surgeon would be gave Stacie the confidence she needed to proceed with her complete transformation.

One of the requirements for the gastric bypass surgery mentioned above is the understanding of the risks and rewards of the procedure.  Stacie was well-aware that as she lost weight gradually, there would be excess skin.  However, she recalls that losing a significant amount of weight and having skin still affect her figure was demoralizing.  She, then, considered the tummy tuck.

Her new figure gave her the confidence she needed and a tight body she had always wanted.

Gastric bypass provides patients with weight loss by restricting food intake and promoting food malabsorption.  When Dr. Frenzel completes the surgery, he is able to divide the stomach and create a small pouch that connects to a loop of the small intestine.  The result is a feeling of satisfaction with only a small amount of food.

After gastric bypass, weight loss is achieved at a more rapid pace.  Patients will go through physical and psychological changes as weight loss occurs.  Vitamin deficiencies can occur, therefore, patients are put on a special gastric bypass diet.  Weight loss is only one factor considered in the success of gastric bypass surgery.  The prevention of obesity-related health problems is another factor to consider.

Losing weight, having confidence, and living a healthy lifestyle are all incredible rewards from gastric bypass weight loss surgery.