Financing Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery

Many candidates for bariatric weight loss surgery are concerned about the financing and insurance coverage of the procedure.  This is often the number one question during the consultation.  Advanced Bariatric Surgery works hard to help you achieve your goals of weight loss.

We offer free insurance verification, communicating with your insurance company to pay for your procedure.  Most insurance carriers are accepted at Advanced Bariatric Surgery.  If you are interested in undergoing weight loss surgery, we will check your insurance policy to see if you have the necessary bariatric surgery benefits.

Initiate your transformation process by calling and speaking with one of our representatives.  We are more than happy to assist you with your insurance needs.  We will do everything we can to try and get the surgery covered through your insurance.

When your insurance policy does not cover weight loss surgery or if you do not have insurance, don’t give up!  We are your advocate to a healthier lifestyle.  Advanced Bariatric Surgery has alternative options.  We work with a financing company that has options, based on credit, to get your payments as low as a couple hundred dollars a month.  Of course, we also offer Visa, MasterCard, Discover, cash, and check.

Financing is a major factor in who goes through with bariatric weight loss surgery.  At Advanced bariatric Surgery, we don’t want you to give up on your life altering goals.  We offer numerous ways to help you go through with surgery without the added stress of financing.

In addition to offering promotions from time to time, we work with lenders for financing elective medical procedures.  CareCredit for Cosmetic Procedures is North America’s leading patient payment program.  As simple as using a credit card, CareCredit is designed for your health and beauty needs.  For your convenience, payment plans are available with no hidden costs.

Another option is American HealthCare Lending.  This company is the premier financing company in the cosmetic surgery industry.  Some of the benefits you will experience from American HealthCare Lending include term options out to 84 months, immediate decisions for loans under $35,000, no prepayment penalties, no collateral required, and more.

Don’t wait to achieve your goals.  Dr. Frenzel is dual fellowship trained in bariatrics and cosmetic surgeries.  From the initial consultation to post-bariatric surgery, Dr. Frenzel is available to help you throughout each step of the journey.