Two beautiful young women shopping in a clothes shop.

Shopping for Clothes After Bariatric Surgery

Many patients talk about their disdain for shopping during their initial consultation.  Browsing through racks of plus-size clothes, only to get in the dressing room and look at their bodies in the mirror and try on clothes that don’t fit right.  The pain of shopping cuts deep.

We understand the pain of obesity and obesity-related illnesses.  And we encourage new patients to trust the process of bariatric weight loss surgery.  Allow yourself to experience the joy of the future—without chronic pain, without stares, without shame.

Bariatric weight loss surgery doesn’t just transform your body.  It does wonders for your confidence, lifting your spirits, and giving you a new life that you never imagined possible.  Cling to that hope as you recover from surgery and begin your transformation.

As you begin to lose weight rapidly, finding clothes that fit becomes your biggest battle.  And, honestly, what a great battle to have!  The pain of never fitting into clothes because your body was too big changes into joy of clothes being too loose.  That struggle becomes such a delight.  But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a struggle.

As you begin losing weight, we encourage you to invest in a couple of foundational pieces.  Layering will be your best friend.  As you drop inches and need smaller sizes, you might be tempted to celebrate and buy a new wardrobe.  But you might want to wait until you have found your stable weight (and forewarning, this could take a while).  During the first months of weight loss, find a couple of pieces to become the foundation of your outfit—undershirts, leggings, one pair of jeans, etc.

When you have pieces that can be transformed with accessories like a necklace, scarf, jacket, or cardigan, you can create different looks without having to purchase a ton of clothes.

Now that your confidence is being restored and you have more energy, play around with your outfits and enjoy this new season of life.  Go to the store and try on clothes.  Record what size you wear and when you achieve specific milestones you’ve set.  You’ll want to remember this journey.

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t achieve weight loss as you thought you would.  Be consistent in your post-surgery diet and make changes to your lifestyle.  Going shopping when you struggle with obesity isn’t just emotionally draining, it can be physically draining to walk around the store.  But as you lose weight, you’ll have more energy.  And we encourage you to use it for the best.  Walk around the store for exercise, and have fun with your new body.

Losing weight after bariatric surgery is truly a journey.  Don’t rush the process.  And make sure you have the support you need to encourage you along and help you find the good in each new size you wear.