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Why Dr. Clayton Frenzel and BodEvolve?

Professional Treatment

Dr. Frenzel will educate on every step of the way - from the treatment process to ensuring each patient has expert care

Affordable Options

We will outline all treatment options and the cost

Fast Recovery Time

Dr. Frenzel will provide state of the art treatments, designed for a quicker recovery

Weight Loss Procedures That change lives!


Gastric Sleeve

Gastric Bypass

Obalon Balloon System

Orbera Gastric


Band to Sleeve Bypass

Acid Reflux Surgery

Band Fills

Dr. Clayton Frenzel, MD, BodEvolve

What is a LAP-BAND® ?

Evolve’s LAP-BAND® is a reversible bariatric weight loss procedure in which an adjustable gastric band is placed around the upper portion of the stomach, like a belt. The surgery is minimally invasive, so no cutting, stomach amputation or use of surgical staples is involved.

The LAP-BAND® procedure gives patients steady control over weight loss, allows for adjustments following the surgery, and helps patients better control their appetite and feel full sooner.

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