Post-Bariatric Thigh Lift Procedure

Dr. Frenzel has double fellowship training in bariatric weight loss surgery and cosmetic plastic surgery.  With an abundance of education and training, Dr. Frenzel is able do something unique—work with patients from the initial weight loss consultation all the way through the post-bariatric body contouring process.

If have undergone weight loss surgery and are left with excess skin around your inner and outer thighs, the thigh lift procedure is for you.  This surgery tightens sagging skin around the thighs and reshapes the contour of the lower body.

When you have bariatric surgery, you lose weight at a rapid pace.  Even with hearty workouts, your body is not able to naturally tighten the skin back to where it once was.  Thus, post-bariatric surgery can become necessary.

If you have excess skin on the posterior thighs, inner thighs, on the buttocks and anterior thighs, or if you have limited fat deposits in these areas, you are a candidate for the thigh lift procedure.

As with any surgery, it is necessary for candidates to be non-smokers, healthy, and have good skin elasticity.  For the thigh lift procedure, you need to understand the risks and benefits involved.  To ensure that you receive the best treatment and most optimal results, liposuction or a tummy tuck may be necessary.

Scheduling an initial consultation is the first step.  Here, you can discuss any of your questions and concerns with Dr. Frenzel.  Together, you can determine the best way to approach your surgery, based on your specific requests and needs.

During the thigh lift procedure, an incision is placed in a natural body fold.  Typically, multiple incisions are necessary, and are located where clothing will cover any scarring that remains.  Any excess skin and tissue below the incision is removed and lifted.  Dissolvable sutures are placed and a drain is put in place to remove fluid that accumulates during recovery.

The recovery for a thigh lift is about two weeks total.  Immediately following surgery, an elastic compression garment should be worn to reduce any swelling.  It is important that after surgery you walk around.  This is essential in the healing process as it prevents blood clots.

Pain medication is available to reduce discomfort.  After a few weeks, light exercise can be resumed.

Reclaim your body and confidence with the thigh lift surgery.  You will love the difference in your self-confidence.  Look forward to summer clothes and swimming suits.  Be proud of your body!  And enjoy the benefits of the thigh lift procedure.